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  1. Did you mean 'no, never', or 'no, not right now'? Also, regarding that: are you planning to make some resources (e.g. metallic hydrogen) available only from Kerbin, or to make all resources used in this mod able to be procured elsewhere (ISRU)?
  2. Whatever it is you did, that did the trick. Nice job, dude. Have some coffee.
  3. @tomf Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks aplenty.
  4. I'd like to ask something along the lines of this thread, but from a different approach. Suppose I have a ship in orbit around a certain planet (or landed, which is an easier way of saying 'synchronous low orbit`). I want to move my ship to orbit another planet, which happens to orbit the same star as the planet my ship is currently orbiting. I also plan to do all maneuvering by my ship's engines alone, so no tricks like gravity assists and aerobraking. How do I know how much deltaV I am going to need, without ever looking at a deltaV map?
  5. Eh, no biggie. I'll disable it in the NFE-KA patches, and babysit the reactor as usual.
  6. I'll try with a fresh install with only NFE and Kerbal atomics installed. I'll get back to you with the results later.
  7. Nevertheless, the integrated reactor's power in the Kerbal Atomics NTR still follows throttle settings despite the engine being inactive (i.e. not thrusting). I didn't get the error message that says to use KSP 1.3 regarding NFE, so I'm pretty sure I got the newer version.
  8. If this is regarding the NFE-Kerbal Atomics nuclear thermal rockets, auto-adjustment still happens when engine is inactive. The configs for this particular behavior is in the Kerbal Atomics mod.
  9. Is there a way to get metallic hydrogen (MetalH) resource anywhere other than from the pad? I don't see any of the ISRU processors listing it.
  10. @Nertea Good to know. Waiting for the next version it is, I suppose. Meanwhile, I go babysit reactor.
  11. @Nertea So I found a line in the NearFutureElectricalNTRs config files that looks like this: MODULE { name = FissionReactor StartActionName = #LOC_NFElectrical_ModuleFissionReactor_Action_StartActionName StopActionName = #LOC_NFElectrical_ModuleFissionReactor_Action_StopActionName ToggleActionName = #LOC_NFElectrical_ModuleFissionReactor_Action_ToggleActionName FollowThrottle = true //snipped the rest of the code } I'm sure it has something to do with the throttle following function. I think changing it to false means I have to babysit the reactor every burn, or something like that.
  12. Reactor still does this even after the engine itself was shut down - i.e. not producing thrust. In this case, I'm using a trimodal nuclear engine (NV-500 Poseidon) as a power generator to run a bunch of ion thrusters. Even if I set the reactor power at 5%, it'll go up when I power up the throttle (controlling ion engines), promptly hit its auto-shutdown temperature, and leaving the ship out cold. Not sure if intended or not, but there you go.
  13. Suppose that you have a reusable rocket stage in orbit with a known engine ISP and remaining deltaV in its tanks, calculated from its previous payload of known mass. You want to attach a new payload of a given mass to this stage without refueling it. How do you calculate the combined stack's deltaV capacity?
  14. Mars or venus?

    So is Mars'. The same process that makes methane out of CO2 is also applicable there.
  15. Everyday Space Drives

    @regex If propellant packaging and loading is an issue, it's possible to build a MIF motor like a firearm, and load the lithium as prepackaged magazines. When empty, the magazine can be detached from the motor, and a filled one swapped in, much like a firearm operator changing magazines.