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  1. One question before I specify these ideas. Does anyone know if it is possible to create a mission that limits the allowed cost or dV of a rocket? Because I feel a lot of those visit all these different places could be done if you accumulate enough funds and then build a huge rocket. If so, what about something similar to the Voyager mission? -Limit it to a dV or cost that would prevent you from doing all of it, forcing gravity assists -Fly to a bunch of planets -Leave the Kerbol System
  2. I think one of the main reasons they would not due this is that all the scripts that people have to will have to be rewritten changing all the periods to semi-colons. But there could also be a deeper reason. On another note, I have been playing with the vecdraw() and I was wondering if it would be possible to include the ability to draw/print the angle between two vectors on the screen for easier debugging, and also if there was any interest in that idea from others.
  3. Continuing on the discussion of how loops will be implimented, will there be a break statement? I see there is a return function mentioned, but no break function mentioned in the first post.
  4. What about using syntax similar to Python? for x in range(0,5,1): for [control variable] in range([start],[end],(opt:step [count])) for x in list: for [control variable] in [array]: I have always found the syntax of Python to be one of the easiest to understand what a given command does.
  5. Even better would also be for Jebnix to have the ability to automatically switch to said vessel and preform the action and then return to the previous vessel. Which I do not know if it is even possible to do, but would be extremely useful.
  6. I think a good method of doing this is for the user to set a tolerance for deviations (or maximum deviation) from their current orbit (probably use the semi-major axis, or have one for both apoapsis and periapsis). Then have it use RCS to adjust the orbit back if available, or use whatever other engines are available. I do not know how you would go about implementing it without having to switch to the vessel. In the code you could just have it as a flag and have it check periodically, maybe check once every 5-10 orbits or use a given time period?
  7. I have a clarification question. When for example calculating the N-body dynamics how are you handling the effects of for example the moons around Jool, effecting the orbits of other bodies in the system? I know that the way large scale simulations for the galaxy are done at the research level is to subdivide the universe into regions, and in places where there is a lot of matter the grids are smaller and done with more accuracy. For example, to simplify the number of calculations you need to preform, are you going to take the sum of Jool and it's moons and treat it as a point source to calculate the effects on the orbits of things far away from Jool, and then near Jool do more detailed calculations for the moons orbits?
  8. Ferram Areospace Research TAC Life Support
  9. Continuing on this line of thought. The idea I had was adding in a communication delay based on the file size. I know that a signal delay was mentioned, but I am referring to uploading or downloading scripts from the mission control. Just like what would happen in the real world you have some speed of transmission of the data which can be upgraded in the tech tree. And maybe on top of that add the ability to use input files so that you can write a generic code you send up with the probe and then if you need to make changes just have a short file to be read by the script to preform the actions.
  10. On another note, I am also willing to help in testing if you need people.
  11. Another idea would be to use a Try ... Catch ... In order to have it run different programs based on the excpetion. Or something along those lines to do something different for different kinds of exceptions. And maybe also add the ability to throw our own exceptions if we have some numerical calculation that gets out of hand (error gets to large for example). I don't know, just throwing out some ideas.