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  1. This is my very first foray into modding. I'm in the process of getting these into the game. In the meantime, feel free to pass comment and suggestion on my first parts pack. It's mostly science!â„¢ Iff you want to check out my other art, consult Enjoy, or not. HE'S FROM A FUTURE TIMELINE THAT NO LONGER EXISTS. HE MUTILATES THE ALIENS THAT MUTILATE CATTLE. HE LITERALLY SPEAKS IN COMIC SANS. DANGEROUS. MYSTERIOUS. SOPHISTICATED. MODERATELY CYTOTOXIC. REASONABLY PRICED. IF YOU NEED A WORKING SPACE PROGRAM LIKE, RIGHT NOW (you do, btw) NONTEK IS YOUR SUSPICIOUSLY CONVENIENT TOTAL SPACE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER. "Hey guys I don't want to alarm you but how's that space program coming along? No, no reason. Are you interstellar yet? Oh, oh my." "It's always good to have an advanced space program so that your civilisation has some security in case something really awful happens or is happening to your planet / sun / star system. Just as a contingency on the hypothetical chance that you might need it." "Oh sure, planets collapse into hot, dense nuggets of squarkalino matter all the time! It's just part of natural biogeochemical cycling. Perfectly normal process. No known anthropogenic connection, of course. If it were to happen to Kerbin (a ridiculous notion, but bear with me) you'd only have a few years before the continual earthquakes and lightning tornados would make beer pong virtually impossible. Of course, I don't know of any such emergency or how injudicious high energy physics experiments could cause it." "Oh gosh, I really goofed this time..."