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  1. i think ill keep the dumb kirito profile pic as history i suppose

  2. So I found this old account with this profile picture...guess im back.
  3. its great to be back guys i havent been on since my last post but ill be playing moar now that its been updated :3 also in my spare time ive landed on all teh planets...ALL OF DEM. i need to make a photo album. also im going to be transfering this to steam .
  4. Hello everyone sorry for being gone for so long :3. ive been doing competitive gaming and work and stuff ive been compleatly ignoring this game i must have missed alot since ive been gone. ill be more active in the forums soon. cya later
  5. lol nice programming console where did ya get it?
  6. i learned about frozen this christmast.....it was not pleasent i got a elsa doll for my niece. it was the last one in stock and merry christmast everyone and a happy new years.
  7. hello everyone i would like to talk about the new game thats been released for the past three months. ive been playing it ive gotten alot of the dlc for it.(even though theres only one right now.) and as a gamer. i rly do love it. even though it has a lot of missing story to it (seen via grimore cards that tell the story via internet) it is still a pretty nice game. so i want your opinion. Is destiny good,bad,or neither. please keep this thread clean and have real arguments on the games mechanics and gameplay and no troll post please.
  8. *sits back and watches all of you argue :3* DANCE MY PUPPETS DANCE >
  9. aaand waffles lead by a 4 point lead. im suprised i thought people would like french toast more.
  10. great rockets :3....strange name....very very...evil...strange name... may i suggest super pony sparklez rockets..i dont know it sounded like a good name......dont judge me.
  11. when someone starts a post about the world ending.....AH SHIIII- rip world.
  12. i underestimated the power of the kraken.......welp ya'know what they say "if plan a does not work do not use plan b,c or d.....use plan e it always works":cool:
  13. all right everyone after some blood sweat and tears the parts are coming together! what the idea is is to try to get it out onto water,float it on water,either use a tug or use rcs to place it in position and then make a point a and b. point a being ksc beach,point b being the island. i will be posting up my results of my components in two days. Ac3 0ut~
  14. simple you "max" your "maps" out. how does one make booster go.
  15. great post by both of you. but im thinking of an "Asthetic" "artistic" approach to this problem. ill give you a hint. it has the letter G
  16. wi...windows n..n..nine.....it must be hellspawn. but in all sanitys sake i do actually like windows 8 i just had to figure out a way to change it from updating every single time i power on my computer.
  17. actually the kerbals would win.due to the fact they can build things that would counteract the grox and there weapons. if you have a smart builder though. basically your saying the player vs the grox.
  18. why not just try to land it manually like you would on the mun to slow your m/s down? just put on some small thrusters and parachutes and that should slow down your m/s for your recovery vehicle.
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