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  1. I sent a replace pilot and Lander...I'm just calling it a unexplained mishap. I miscalculated on the fuel needed to make all the landings anyway, so I would have sent a resupply mission anyway. I have F5 and hard saves on my check lists now. Thanks for all the words of support and suggestions.
  2. That used to be me before my 5 year old starting getting up before me. If I can sleep past 6 its a great Saturday.
  3. I have 2 saved games I use. First is my main game were I try to play with no reverts unless I feel I was cheated by the game or some other issue. Second is my engineering save were I gave myself a ton of money and science and I keep my tech tree and facilities at the same level as my main save. I have spent about a week building and testing a space station with a Lander to grab the science from each biome and return it to the station for processing. Sense I don’t want to do any reverts I make sure I can get both halves of my ship into orbit, make the transfer, land, have solar panels, return and deliver the science to KSC. Day 1, Kids are in bed wife watching TV, I get both halves in Kerbin orbit, rendezvous, and docking go as planned. Just as I’m about to start my Hohmann transfer my wife asks if she can use the PC to do bills and schedule our next week. I tell her I’m about to make and interplanetary transfer but it does not impress her and I have to log off. Day 2, wife is napping, kids watching a movie, I have time. I make the transfer with no problem. Once in orbit I make the personnel transfer to the Lander. The Lander is fully fueled and ready to roll. Docking clamps released. Jeb makes the first biome no problem and gets back to the station to dump his science and resupply. Jeb begins the second trip down. De-orbit burn goes well. At about 5km I hear “Daddy I spilled my juiceâ€Â….F*&%. I go clean up juice from the carpet, table, and kid. When I get back to my game that I thought I had paused as I left for real life emergencies I find the Flight Results window up. The mission I have spent over a week on is now a crater. A juice box ended the mission I have worked so hard on. Normally I would revert a kid caused KSP event, but I had not saved my game in a long time. All I could do was stare at my screen and feel defeated. I tried to explain my feelings to my wife….all I get is that’s nice dear, really that’s the best I can get after your spawn have destroyed my Lander and killed my #1 pilot. It’s hard to get any sympathy from a house full of women. I know you guys will understand my pain. The station is still there and manned so I guess now I send another Lander out and try again. After taking a blow like that I may need a week off before I try again.
  4. I turn 41 in a few days, I share the pain and plessures of KSP. My wife is always asking me why I'm doing math while I'm playing a video game. I tell her my space math is beyond her ability and that she should mind her own damn business.... On a side note I have never brought a Kerbel back from a planetary transfer. I have the moons mastered but struggle getting back from duna.
  5. I built my lander upside down...sounded like a good idea but now my nav ball is backwards...is there a way to fix? Thanks
  6. This is a great mod that makes for great contract viewing. It is awesome to find a mod that is exactly what I would of made if I could make a mod.
  7. DMagic I love your mod. It was exactly what I was looking for. I will post in your mod post to bump it.
  8. DO you have a beta version I can give a try? I'm a bone head...I see your link now...thx. Downloading now.
  9. Awesome, I will check it out when I get home.
  10. I have looked for a current mod but will step up my efforts if you believe there already is one. I already have a pre-flight check list on my desk with stuff like did I add batteries and solar panels...I have a hard time remembering the required stuff.
  11. I have a hard time looking at my contracts when I have more then 2 or 3. It would be nice to only open the 1 or 2 I want or be able to sort them. If I have 4 contracts I am trying to meet on one lunch it would be cool to sort them by alt so I can watch them in order as my rocket heads to orbit. Thanks Tuck
  12. KSP puts the same Kerbals in your rocket every time. Anyone thought, or is there one out there, of making a mod to randomize what kerbals get put into your rocket at launch? Thanks Tuck
  13. Thanks MKI I saw Scott Manley's video using this site but was afraid to try it, I will give this a shot tonight.
  14. I have only done a probe to Duna and Eve, both were done like a orbital rendezvous where I got in the targets orbit and just made my orbit of Kerbol a bit lower to catch up with the planet. I have installed Kerbal Alarm Clock. It tells me I have a window for Moho in 19 hours. I have played with maneuver nodes trying to get an intercept, but can't get it. When Alarm Clock says it's time am I looking to get an intercept on the opposite side of Kerbol on a Kerbol orbit, or come straight off a Kerben orbit to Moho. Hope that all makes sense. Thanks Tuck
  15. I always have a problem with my rovers, to the point were I dont try to build them any longer. The ones I have sent to the Mun and Minmus never drive correctly. It will either move without commands, steer only one direction or get some weird torque where it wants to twist instead of turn. After watching Scott Manly videos and reading Brotoro's mission reports I really want to build a nice rover. The wiki is lacking on a rover building section and I was wandering if one of you can point me to a nice guide to rover building. Thanks Tuck
  16. I can see the little MechJeb box with the antenna and red and green light in my science center and in my parts list in the VAB. I actually think there are 3 pics of the box in the same science category in the science center, and I have clicked all 3. The one in the parts list in the VAB is still greyed out. Is there something special I have to do with the Mod to make it work in career mode, it works fine in sandbox. Thanks Tuck
  17. Thanks a lot guys ,Starstrider that is exactly what I was thinking. Capi the guide you posted was a nice help also. I have been doing 3 each Science Jr and Goos, will have to upgrade to 4.
  18. I have been collecting Minmus science. I think I read somewhere that if you visit several bodies you get a value multiplied to your science. If I am doing research on Minmus should I try to hit the Mun on the way back every time? Do I need to do a full orbit, or just get in its gravity for a moment? Thanks Guys Tuck
  19. The steep learning curve is part of the hook I think. My first rocket went straight up and fell right back down. I had no shoot, or other life preserving structures, but Jeb loved the whole short trip, RIP Jeb. Watching the epic failures is a great way to keep people as they climb the learning curve. I am a rookie as far as compared to a lot of the forum users, but I love the game and try to promote it to my friends. Someone once posted that 70% of there missions were rescue missions because sometimes they had to rescue the rescue mission, that is the story of my game. KSP is a great game with great re-playability.
  20. This is for the Mun. My spread sheet says I need one at ground, upper and lower atm, and near space.
  21. Can I put 4 2HOT Thermometers on my capsule to get 4 readings (Ground, Low atm, High atm, and Orbit) all in one run?
  22. Every rover I have ever gotten to a moon has drove great on Kerbin but like crap on the moons. They seem to drive backwards and don't turn right. Any Tips?
  23. Thanks a lot guys. I never thought of having to use an EVA to collect data. I did find out you can only store 6 data collections in a 1 man capsule. Another question..how do change the post to [answered]
  24. To get credit for a SC-9001 Science Jr and a Mystery Goo project do I need to bring these units back to Kerbin, or can I leave them on the mun to lighten my return load? Thanks Tuck
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