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  1. Yup, Netflix instant too. I don't bother with discs anymore.
  2. I saw this mini-series on Netflix the other day. It's awesome, It's a fictional documentary about a manned grand tour through the solar system. It seems to be a based on what humans could do with current technologies and lots and lots of Funds. I couldn't stop thinking about how Kerbal the entire voyage seems(aerobraking through Jupiter was awesome). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Odyssey_(TV_series) Hope someone else finds this as cool as I did!
  3. I could maybe understand and could maybe enjoy flying ships from a console, but actually creating ships can be hard enough with a mouse and keyboard. I couldn't even imagine the frustration of trying to build complex ships with a console controller... Some games belong on a PC for a reason IMO...
  4. I thought converting ore-> fuel was mass neutral? Maybe I didn't look closely enough, but I thought for sure that was the case. Ore -> snacks currently causes a loss in mass while operating the Snack Cultivator since we're converting heavy ore to massless snacks. Currently as long as you have the electricity and ore, the cultivator will continue to run. Actually this is using the new 1.0 part module that the ISRU uses to create fuel so it works identically. My plan is to extend this module so I can have a bit more control over how this works. Specifically I'd like Kerbals to be pre
  5. The Snack Cultivator is here! Snacks can now be created with a lab module, Ore and lots of electricity. The Snack Cultivator does the hard work of producing delicious, nutritious snacks. I also increased snack consumption to 1 snack per day from .5 snacks. This effectively doubles consumption. Snacks are now mass-less in order to easily deal with Ore-> snack conversion ratios and avoid re-balancing supply/consumption rates.
  6. I posted a rebuilt version for 1.0.2. Nothing has changed functionally, but I'm toying with some ideas. Thanks everyone for their feedback and support of this mod. The most critical part of this mod, is that it needs to be simple. So the original idea of using the Lab instead of a greenhouse is definitely simpler. I'm still somewhat split on another waste type resource vs using Ore as the waste product. Typically you're not going to have Ore capacity on most ships, so many times snack waste will still be thrown out the window so to speak.
  7. You're probably right about a greenhouse being better than my idea of using ore. My main limitation is I don't have very good 3D modelling skills(don't really have the time to learn at the moment). I actually really prefer to use a greenhouse vs magically baking snacks from ore. Although I guess as long as that ore has some oxygen, carbon and hydrogen it should be possible... I really didn't want to add more than one resource, but I might add a waste/garbage? resource and require a greenhouse to grow the edible snacks. I think RoverDude has a pretty generous license for some of the OKS part
  8. I like the idea of career, but it always ends up being tedious to get the parts I want to do the missions I want. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this: start new career, modify persistence file to get enough funds/science to unlock everything, then max out the science to funds strategy. Would the science earned generate enough funds to run your space program without doing contracts? I do like some contracts, but in general I like to do what I want but I'd like to have some funding constraints too. I plan on trying this tonight, but was wondering if anyone else has tried it.
  9. I don't want to make any timeframe promises, but 1.0 has me itching to play KSP again and to build upon this mod. I haven't tried this mod as is with 1.0 yet, but I'd like to make some improvements. 1. I need to fix some issues with the base code, most of it was done as a quick prototype but in general works pretty well. 2. I've really wanted to build a way to make snacks off Kerbin. I wanted this to include some type of resource conversion, but didn't want to depend on other mods for it. My current code/dev build has a soil resource, but it just didn't work well so I never finished/released
  10. Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing a lot of the Mun Castles. I'm not sure how Snacks would cause that behavior or if it's really occurring every time.
  11. Just an FYI, that setting isn't implemented yet. I added it while I was adding other settings, but the implementation is a bit trickier than I expected. I still need to work out some details, you wouldn't want your kerbal to die on an EVA when he went 10 minutes too long without a snack I haven't had time to look into this yet, it doesn't occur for me but I think I can come up with a solution.
  12. These are awesome looking. With -ctn's permission I added these as a link from the original post. happy snacking!
  13. I released a rebuilt version for .90, but there are no functional changes. See the first post. My plans are to make Kerbals act as if they have 0 experience when deprived, but they would get the benefit back after they get more snacks.
  14. Currently it's not possible to disable for certain saves. I've been slacking in the development of this mod for the last few months, but I'm back ready to make some improvements. I'd like to remove kerbal experience bonuses for snack deprived kerbals and add optional death when kerbals run out. I've rebuilt the mod for .90, and haven't noticed any issues. I'll post an updated version shortly, but the prior should work fine as well.
  15. Hi All, Everytime I start with a new version of KSP I go modless for awhile. The one mod I usually first start to miss is Kerbal Engineer. I really like the mod, but 99% of the time all I use it for is delta-v and TWR. I'm toying with the idea of building a simple mod that displays only delta-v and TWR by stage without the need for a part. Does anything like this exist? Does anyone have other thoughts/suggestions around this? Thanks, Troy
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