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  1. 2700 tons with the launcher:D - - - Updated - - - yes I have tested it and it works quite well for what it is
  2. there you go. it is not asparagus staged. I have tested it and it works flawless on kerbin. and according to the stats it should probably work on eve. BTW flight engineer is the only mod in this save.
  3. hello everybody, I've got my eve lander ready to go. but I want to know what is the best way to get into an orbit with eve. my lander already has 12764 km/s delta V. but I want to know what the most efficient way is to an orbit around eve. thank you for your help
  4. When the asteroids were added into the game I could only think of one thing to do with them Asteroid space stations (ASS) I captured an asteroid and made a space station out of here is the album of the station enjoy:cool:, http://imgur.com/a/Kja5y#0
  5. what if Kerbals are real and they have contact with the dev's of the game. and they send all our crafts to them so they use them for their space program:confused: lol nope
  6. I am good at making space stations that are totally symmetrical
  7. who is it and why? mine is Henmin Kerman because he survived too much crashes:D.
  8. hello, I'm having trouble lifting more than 150 tons into an orbit. so far it hasn't been such a problem because I assemble much of my ships in space. but now I want to try my luck on eve I will have to design a new launcher. does anybody have any tips to make a good launcher?
  9. i5-2410M (2.9 GHz) 4GB DDR3 geforce gt540 I'm on a laptop and it is really fast since I did the driver update
  10. I am intending to do a trip to eve, land and return.
  11. have you tried turning all of the torque off (in the capsules as well) and only turn one on? it will turn slowly but you won't have as much wobble.
  12. Hello everyone, I want to do an eve mission soon because it's the only planet I haven't been to. but I don't know what's the best of doing it. I think I need to assemble a ship in orbit but is this really the most efficient way? I also want to know what parts I should use in my lander, and how it should be staged (asparagus or something else). as I have said I would like to receive some ideas and suggestions and maybe a picture of an eve lander? that would be really nice:) PS: I only play completely stock and sorry for my bad English
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