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  1. Great mod, keep up the good work. Just 2 things I noticed in the short time I've played around with the parts, the VTOL engines for the landing module for the SSTU - Ship Core: Series C. The engines cannot be toggled using action keys. Also the landing legs for the Series C slide very easily on the ground, almost like its on ice or something.
  2. Yea I also had that problem, but its easy to fix. I simply put this into the Command Pod to simulate a energy reactor of some kind in order to help provide energy to the engines when there is no direct sunlight going to the panels. MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = true OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 10 }
  3. Ha ha thanks, my little niece though it was pretty cute as well. Also I was just about to post the issues with the engine sound but you were way ahead of me lol Also two small suggestions or requests if you will, what are the chances you could add attach nodes to the sides of the pod, making wing pylons easier to attach, and custom made wing pylons themselves, filled with say Xenon Gas and built in RCS for better space maneuvering and docking. Just an idea, but not essential. Either way great job. Being a huge Star Wars fan, you are quickly becoming one of my favorite mod authors.
  4. One thing I've noticed is that all the wing components are not in the tech tree, I opened the cfg file and noticed this on all the panels: "TechRequired = Structural". But is no big deal, easily fixed, I just changed them to this to fix it: "TechRequired = metaMaterials" Yea transparent glass for the Pods would be awesome. You can still get it from here
  5. That hood ornament really does make things better haha Good job on the TIE's Solar Wings and Twin Ion Drive. I am eagerly awaiting the next set of parts. I've been having so much fun with just the pod, gonna download the new parts ASAP and boot up KSP for more fun. My latest TIE Pod fun:
  6. I've thing I've noticed is that they have not been added to the tech tree, its not hard for one to fix. Just though I'd let you know.
  7. Man I love this pod, I can't wait until the rest of the planned parts are ready. Especially the star wars weapons. Here are a few things I've done with the pod so far
  8. I'd say a little faster as well, but still looks great. Any plans on adding the weapons using BDArmory, maybe some blasters for the small craft and turbolaser turrets for the lareger ones?
  9. Haha Completely understandable lol ;P And that's good to hear, always loved ZZZ's parts.
  10. Do you plan on adding the Dome habitats, they are great habs, I still use them but I don't know how to fix the placement nodes in the .cfg, but it can still be radially attached.
  11. That a better answer then I hoped for lol, I can hardly wait for it . My opinion on the solar wings would to be about to use the panels as the wings themselves, as it would save on part counts for the crafts
  12. If your hoping for the ARC-170, go here, and keep an eye on this tread, it has been started already.
  13. Since you decided to make the rest of the Tie parts, why not go really crazy and make the Tie Bomber's bomb pod that uses BDArmory to drop some kind of energy bomb, just a though
  14. Nice to see you back Devo I defiantly can't wait to use the Oblivion Bubble Ship again, what are the chances you could incorporate the BDArmory mod for the guns on it. Its a great mod for weapons. And I also miss the Eagle and Pegasus, they were so useful, especially the Pegasus, I really miss that VTOL Shuttle
  15. Lol Fair enough, Ahh computer upgrading is like moving to a new house, files get lost As for ideas, defiantly the Falcon's cockpit pod, also maybe the front cockpit pod of the Imperial Shuttle, and the ones I mentioned earlier.