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  1. Now the title may seem obvious, but excluding KSP what does one need to do? I mean the content for the mod needs to be made (eg: rocket parts in KSP) but in other games changing vital aspects such as mechanics without access to a developer tool set from my view seems, well, I don't even know. how does it happen? is it just hacked to the max and reversed engineered? Any info would be appreciated
  2. I am on a games design course at the moment, and i have an assignment to research factors of mobile gaming. very general topic. but what i want to know is this: How often do you play a mobile game? i expect many different times, so if you are willing to respond could you please tell me in minuets/hours per week? I have seen what people on here in the past can do with generosity (such as donations in live streams like kerbalcon) so if you could help out a fellow human being with some work, that would be greatly appreciated Ps. if you help me, i may spill the beans on my first ever mod its unique and something i havent seen before. but i am going to begin the models by the end of the week
  3. im looking to use a pre-existing engine like unity. it just seems to be the most flexible (see kerbal space program xD ). i hope to get to that stage eventually, where i can create my own engine and games.
  4. Well 2 things. after hiatus, im back to the old ksp off topic forums, and it feels nice. but now for the serious business: im doing a games design course, and the one thing it doesn't teach about games is coding. i want to learn a language which can help me create a game, like say C# or C++ but they are difficult for a beginner, like myself. so what is a good language to begin with which has good use when it comes to games, and more importantly a book which can teach me. Many thanks, you dudes keep staying awesome
  5. well i want some new songs. anybody know something that sounds similar to the following? anything posted is apreciated
  6. says 0.21 it will cause a newb firestorm. dosen't class self as one xD
  7. obviously you have not been to London to experience a cockney accent. please watch, as most of the English accents within this video are cockney. (NSFW)
  8. I was wondering, how many people on here are in clans or guilds of any sort? post here! So ill begin: I'm in a Unit Called the IX task force. we play Arma 2 with mods and (while we aren't in operations) f2p games that people can play together in (such as swtor and planetside 2)
  9. what about me? LOL. (its one of my many nicknames) i like it btw. its nice to just chill around.
  10. its "meh" at best. though for a free to play, its nice though the best game ever (no offence squad and ksp vets) but its Halo 3 (IN MY OPINION) OR Seek and destroy for PS2 ( )
  11. it does not take more than 5 minuets. there's a little thing that's in the game nicknamed "time warp" and it really is useful xD just slow down, and aim at your target at 1m/s, then time warp.
  12. good on ya! ive got 4 weeks left in secondary school before a 2 and a half month break. and then i begin a game design course! so excited.
  13. awww yeah it survived the cut!! BOOM anybody watched double rainboom?