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  1. ForScience should work with any module that uses the stock style science module. It doesn't appear that DMagic implements ModuleScienceExperiment. This is usually the case if a mod needs more control over the science module than the stock system can provide. ForScience is not able to accommodate these custom modules in way that wouldn't easily be broken by updates.
  2. Looks like network issue with curse. Here's an alternative. https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/for-science
  3. Thank you, @linuxgurugamer If someone else reports that they are experiencing issues with the latest game version, I will look into it. Also, ForScience only works with stock style science modules, not custom non-stock style science modules. I simply can't provide compatibility for every possible mod out there. I'd have to take a dependency on those mods and as a result, the mod would break constantly and require constant updates. I happy to provide support, but I no longer play regularly, please be certain of any issues you report. FS is meant to be simple and reliable. ASS is more configurable and aggressive. It's entirely personal preference.
  4. v 1.5.2 - KSP v1.4.2 support - fix localization issue with determining if a scientist is onboard - special thanks to dtpar and irineus Pending approval from curse, it should be available soon.
  5. Turning it off when you want to do something manually is indeed the intended behavior. Because I can not know what your intention is for docking or separation, and the part graph is unpredictable, the mod makes no assumptions and merely choose the first science container it comes across in the part tree as the storage container. Most of the time, this is the one and only command pod. If you have more complicated needs, I believe there is still Automated Science Sampler or Science Alert which may suit you use case more. You can add or remove ForScience! at any time. It will not break your saved file to remove it should you decide that you don't like it. And you can add it back any time without issue.
  6. I support stock-like science modules (ModuleScienceExperiment), which should work out of the box. I am not familar with that mod, but I looked a bit at the part files and the geiger counter should work. If all of the experiment parts are implemented with the stock science system as this one, it should work fine.
  7. Well, that is a new one. What mod and situation caused that?
  8. It can take a few hours some times. I am not privy to the details. They do a review for mods on curse because some people are not good neighbors.
  9. v 1.5.0 - KSP v1.3 support - Fixed signature for GetExperimentSubject I ran it through it's paces, I didn't see any obvious issues after making the fix for 1.3. Awaiting approval for curse.
  10. Thanks, skips. I got a few messages about it from others as well. I've been busy since the update. I can't make a promise, but I'll try to get an update out tomorrow if I don't run into trouble.
  11. FS stores collects and stores all data to a single location. This is so that the users always knows where his data is located. I'm not overly concerned about collecting multiple data to multiple storage containers because a) that is a fairly niche use case, b) FS already makes science so easy it is already arguably cheating, and c) if you want full science, there are very simple MM configs to do just that. This mod is purposefully as simple and consistent as possible. I made a conscious choice to try to remove tedium and complexity. There is a reason that there are only three states to the mod and one button. On (green), off (red), not applicable (missing). I know I'm not very charismatic like the popular youtubers, but I think I covered everything you need to know to operate FS in the video, including multivessel behaviors. On another note, DMagic uses special experiment modules which do not conform to the stock behaviors. He does this to add more complex behaviors to his parts. There is nothing wrong with this, but FS does not support them. I know it is not the most popular things to say, but I've been down the rabbit hole of trying to support other mods and having breaking changes every week. This mod pretty much only breaks when KSP itself changes the underlying interfaces that this mod depends on. There have many updates to KSP that didn't even break the mod. And the breaks that do happen are usually very minor edits to a couple of function signatures. This is also important because I am not paid to make this mod. I think I've gotten like $25 over the years that this mod has been in service. I loved making it, and I love the game, but I simply can not devote a ton of time to development without financial backing. One of the reason this mod was updated so promptly was because of a donation. So, I felt obligated to updated it asap. I have other projects that I work on as well. If someone wanted to support a ForScienceAllTheThings! version that supported every feature and mod imaginable with ongoing donations that would be another thing. One of the main reasons why players want a mod manager like ckan is because mod authors are always breaking each others stuff and the constant updating gets old after a while. At least, it did for me. I didn't want FS to be one of those mods that breaks when you sneeze in its general vicinity. I know its not fancy to not have a bunch of gizmos and widgets, but I think it is OK to focus on doing one thing really well, and I think FS does a fairly great job at what it does.
  12. I don't know. I don't use that mod. If its not doing anything nutty with way science works, it should be fine.
  13. It will be made available to CKAN later, assuming no major issues because of the publishing hassles.
  14. v 1.4.1 - KSP v1.2 Support - Fixed ScienceData signature Awaiting approval from Curse. edit: Should be available now. This update was brought to you by Mr. S K. Thank you for your donation.
  15. It would trivial to simply run any experiment the first time it is available, it is less so to run them only when you would get maximum value (the only acceptable behavior), which would require predicting the future. I don't know if the vessel is going to @InSpaceHighKerbin or stay in the atmosphere, if the vessel is going to dock and offload science to return early, and go on to the moon or head off to Jool. Even assuming that I just rerun the experiment and only keep the highest value, I will still run into issue with faulty triggers, possible invalid experiments, and multiple goos and bays in multi-command vessels. I simply have no good clear way to resolve this ambiguity. If I could 100% rely on state and value detection, it might work, but unfortunately it has not had a history of being reliable. The logic for that functionality has been rewritten in some way nearly every version. And I don't want to be the guy to blame when someone does a grand tour and has his heavy hitting science over written by landing back on Kerbin. That would be an absolutely terrible experience.
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