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  1. Did a little mun mission in 2.5x ksp. Here's a link to a album with more details.
  2. Hey man, is BarneysLSD too much? If it is then just Barney will do.
  3. Actually i found a link in the thread that i missed the first time. Only the engines, nothing else
  4. It was in CKAN last year. I was not smart enough to save the folder...
  5. Yeah, after half a year of not playing or looking what is going on i had to install after 1.1 update but it seems that there is no way to download Bob's soviet pack, and the one that i really need is the engine pack. Do any of you fellows happen to have it stored anywhere and does it even work in 1.1? I tried every link i found while googling but all of them have gone cold. Here is a link to the old thread:
  6. Getting ready for my next Duna mission. Took 4 launches to build it and need two more, lander/miner vehicle and crew+satellites. There is an ISRU under the ship so i can do some refueling flights when at Ike if needed. And it's gonna kill my PC when she is ready, already have like 10-15fps... Powered by a nuclear reactor seen between the engines with enough uranium to last centuries and if that ain't enough there are two changeable nuclear fuel drums near the reactor.
  7. Tried to desing a new lander for going to mun or minmus while using bobcat's soviet engine pack.
  8. Made my second Kerbin orbital station ever, two launches.
  9. Um, after the update(s) i have installed this mod many times and yet still i have this bug that when i place any of the parts your mod provides they stay tranclusent and don't even occupy the node i placed them to nor can i attach anything to them. Tried removing other mods and downloading this mod from other sites and still doesn't work. This began with 1.0 and still is continues in 1.0.2. And yes i have the latest version...
  10. Just finished this mun base. Actually first one in mun ever...
  11. 2 Mun landings that bring remotetech satellites with it, 3 comsat's and 1 mapsat. Here you can see the first landing after both lander's got to mun orbit and deployed sattellite's.
  12. Um..? I did not make FAR. You know it has a post in the addon release section of this forums... And that plane is stock except 2 remotech antennas inside the cargo bay.
  13. Making planes with FAR is much more fun! Here is some screens from testing my new space plane. Parts start to brake after 2.0 mach speeds in altitudes under 5000m when making full on turns... The two center jets will be replaced as nuclear engines when used as SSTO.
  14. Made this little one with FAR. And it is in my career game...