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  1. After a while... Sojourner: Oh no, they're waking up, i hope they don't see me behing this rather small rock... Pathfinder: Don't worry, just point your camera over there and take photos. Sojourner: They seem to be communicating with each other... Should i move a little bit closer? Pathfinder: Uhh... I think you should stay there, i've analized your photos and they seem to have weapons, they're like... Spears... Sojourner: Ok i'll stay, but as soon as they fall asleep im out of here! I don't want one of those things stuck on my solar panels. Sojourner stood there taking photos of the creatures until they abandoned the camp Pathfinder: You said you were going to get the hell out of there as soon as they were out right? Sojourner: Yes, i said that... Though i still want to check the camp from up close. Pathfinder: Sure, just try to not get too close, as they may just be out for a while... And we don't know what they're capable of... Yet... Sojourner: I'll be fineee! Pathfinder: Well... Good luck mate... Sojourner slowly roved closer to the alien camp
  2. I support this idea! But maybe you could start without any external view instruments, and if you add say for example, a navball into the IVA view, then you will be able to see that instrument in the external view. Mostly because barely anyone uses IVA.
  3. 9/10 It fits really well with your avatar picture!
  4. ...ojaba aca odirruba se ,oicapse le ne yotse oN Esto es facil
  5. Major Charles W. Sweeney. (The guy that piloted the B29 Superfortress with Fat Man to bomb Nagasaki, but this time, its gonna bomb your railways )
  6. Wait... What? People's been posting inanimate objects alot here, even you, a sponge is inanimate, a ton of coffe at orbital velocities are inaniamate, a starbucks is inanimate... Well if you still insist, then i change my post to: An animal hunter.
  7. ""Mun base on the Mun"... lol" (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/76189-The-Mun-Base-that-hasn-t-made-it-Yet!-Continues) Wow, i completely forgot about that post! And i've just noticed that people couldn't get a joke... I wouldn't want to necro that thread to JUST say it was a joke, but anyways .
  8. Uhh... As far as i know these new "phones" don't really work the same way a computer does, some games work only for PC, some only on iOS and some on both of them. But even if KSP worked for phones, you would need to have a REALLY HUGE one, the size of a computer pretty much. So don't expect being able to run KSP on a "smartphone" (I have to say, i really hate these new and crappy "phones", they aren't even phones anymore!). I currently own a REAL phone wich barely has any uses other than calling, messaging, calculator stuff and using it as a clock and im pleased with it. About the OP, if you want to buy a better phone than the one you already have, the answer is why? Do you have a game or something you REALLY want to play in it, and it doesn't run or runs laggy? Any application (I REFUSE to call it "app") that doesn't work? I really see no reason to upgrade your phone, and if you do buy a better one, there will be an even "better" version in less than 1 year! Just make sure you don't buy a new one unless yours is broken...
  9. 1. Just because the thread didn't recieve any posts in a week or two, doesn't mean its DEAD and you have to "restart it" with a random image. 2. Its a gif... You're supposed to post pictures, not GIFS, if you want to post gifs then go to the "GIF Wars" thread. 3. Post a PICTURE, im not sure how we're supposed to destroy that gif...
  10. The red dragon guy who i've only seen in the forum games!
  11. Too bad you put your nuclear plant on Chernobyl...
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