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  1. Hello! The answer has already been given here as to what the license allows, so I won't cover that. Apologies for not seeing your messages. I don't check back on the forums very often after I stopped developing my mods and I don't check pastebin at all. If you want to contact me over anything, your best bet would be Twitter. I check that at least once daily. (cc @Sigma88) When you get your version up and running let me know and I'll put links to it in the original thread.
  2. You need to create an action in AGOS that is either configured to fire at the stage you want, or link an action to a part that is in the stage you want, select the action group(s) you want to fire and bam, you're done.
  3. Updated to 3.0.2 06/05/16, v3.0.2: * Fixed more issues relating to NREs when AGOS has no settings file.
  4. A patch has been deployed that should hopefully fix this issue. If it doesn't, let me know.
  5. Updated to 3.0.1: 28/04/16, v3.0.1: * Fixed an issue where AGOS would spam NREs at the KSP menu screen if no settings file was present. * Fixed an issue where AGOS would not correctly create a settings file on new or clean installs.
  6. I'm looking in to this issue right now.
  7. You guys got a message (or messages) that this produces? I'm seeing no more log output than normal here. Edit: Just checked the question thread. Looking into it. This is normal if it's your first time using the mod or first time running after a clean install. The settings.cfg should be created when you first enter the space centre scene.
  8. It's up on CKAN now, but CKAN isn't known for updating in a timely manner
  9. Apologies for the really late reply (I'm not getting notifications for replies). Just checked, and yes, the last 1.0.5 build of AGOS does indeed show the debug menu on startup. Apparently, when I released the update way back in November, I accidentally used the debug build (fun fact: you're the first to report this in 6 months). As this is not intentional behaviour (for the public release, at least), there's no way to change this except compiling the source yourself, however the update for 1.1 will not have this issue.
  10. Updated to 1.0.1; no code changes, just recompiled against KSP 1.0.5.
  11. Updated to 2.0.12, adding some stuff and compatibility with 1.0.5! * Recompiled against KSP 1.0.5. * Users can now pick parts to link group configurations to from within AGOS' GUI. * Added a new group config: SAS mode change - change the autopilot's mode when staging! * Time-delayed actions groups are now saved along-side the vessel so they can be resumed should the player leave flight whilst they're counting down. * Maximum delay for time-delayed groups has been upped to 60 seconds by default on new installs. Existing installs will need to edit their config! * [#27] Fixed an issue caus
  12. This stuff can be done, yes. Not sure when it'll be ready, but I'll get it in there when I can!
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