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  1. Update 1.2 Germans Strike Back - Updated to new verions of BDAc Runway Project 1.4 and Above - Less configs, Less turrets in menu. - WARNING turrets name have changed so most will not load with old names. Open .craft files and edit the turret names to match new names. - 7 new tank turrets (DickerMax, Wirbelwind, SdKfz5cm, Ru251, Panzer2C, Leopard2A5, Leopard1) - Redesign Flak88 - Removed Pak 36/40 - Bullet def changes - LEGACY Ammobox Removed
  2. Check out the Dev version of FDC via the Github link. It supports the current BDAc Runway version 1.4
  3. https://github.com/lancefoxcia/FoxDefenseContracts/releases/tag/1.1| Decided to use Github because too many issues with Spacedock. Here's 1.1 release
  4. Update 1.1 American Frontier - New sounds - New Ammo - 7 new tank turrets (HSTV-LT, M4 Sherman, M42 Duster, M103, T34, M4A3 Sherman 105, M24 Chaffee) - Fixed up Bullet defs for a few tanks - LEGACY Ammobox for fdc is still in until next release.
  5. *Official 1.0 Release* - Modern turrets added (M1A2 Abrams, T-64, BMP3, Bradly) - Reduced amount of CFG files, and reduced their sizes - All turrets have descriptions - Ammo Boxes have been changed -- Legacy Ammo box is still there and will be removed in next update!
  6. I gotcha. I'm guessing you're awaiting KSP 2 before going with new features and all that. One bug in particular I wish that you could look into is the part debris causing ai to not fire at the target. That's the main bug I'd love to see fixed sometime as it somewhat breaks the mod.
  7. Sent out a few tickets in the github, 2 being bugs and 2 being feature requests, if you have any questions. I'm free to PM.
  8. MODULE { name = HitpointTracker ArmorThickness = 50 maxHitPoints = 2500 }
  9. You'll need to go into the cfg and raise up the max health of the bombs. When one explodes, and with another nearby. It'll deplete the health of the one closest and cause the next to explode and so forth.
  10. New update and the last WIP update for this mod. Which means I'm prepping for a full release soon! Version 0.9.0: General Update, The last WIP update - More Armor pieces for FDC_Armor, 1x1 half pipe, quarter pipe, 45 degree pipe, 2x1, 0.5, 1.5, variants as well - Added Landmines (beta test, works relatively well.) - Refined folder structure - Added in AA Variants, 76mm 50mm 40mm and 37mm (Bullet cfg and resources has been added.
  11. Version 0.8.0: Graphics update 2, The Electric Boogaloo- Mainly went from PNG to DDS (Massive loading and Memory Reduction) - Added in The KV-1 Turret as well as M36 Jackson Slugger Turret (With respective Resource and Bullets CFG Changes)- FDC Armor has some new panels 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 3x4, 3x5, 4x5, 5x5, 1x5, 1Hx5, Slope1x5, Slope5x5
  12. 0.7.5 The Radio and Lights Update - Some turrets features lights that do shine and track with the turrets movement - Turrets that have an antenna or module that sticks out like one has a feature to receive radar Data - License changes. (Use dropbox link at this time)
  13. I've been trying to upload my mod onto Spacedock for a bit now and seems to hang at any%. Sometimes halfway, sometimes more or less.
  14. New update Version 0.7.0: Graphics update - Graphics changes for most turrets (Added bumpmapping) - Added in the Sturm Tiger 380MM canon with BulletCFG and Resources updated - FDC Armor got some changes to textures, native texture switching. (6 Textures to choose from)
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