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  1. Version 0.8.0: Graphics update 2, The Electric Boogaloo- Mainly went from PNG to DDS (Massive loading and Memory Reduction) - Added in The KV-1 Turret as well as M36 Jackson Slugger Turret (With respective Resource and Bullets CFG Changes)- FDC Armor has some new panels 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 3x4, 3x5, 4x5, 5x5, 1x5, 1Hx5, Slope1x5, Slope5x5
  2. 0.7.5 The Radio and Lights Update - Some turrets features lights that do shine and track with the turrets movement - Turrets that have an antenna or module that sticks out like one has a feature to receive radar Data - License changes. (Use dropbox link at this time)
  3. I've been trying to upload my mod onto Spacedock for a bit now and seems to hang at any%. Sometimes halfway, sometimes more or less.
  4. New update Version 0.7.0: Graphics update - Graphics changes for most turrets (Added bumpmapping) - Added in the Sturm Tiger 380MM canon with BulletCFG and Resources updated - FDC Armor got some changes to textures, native texture switching. (6 Textures to choose from)
  5. Thank you for this Spanner. I finally got it to work at the end of the night and just went to bed. I should've made an edit that I gotten it, but I was dead tired from trying to get it to work, then seeing it finally work. I just shut down the computer (work saved) and went to sleep.
  6. Hello there. I need some help in getting the color of my lights to turn from (off) to (on) yellowish. The photos are down below However, I am trying my best to follow tutorials and I cannot for the life of me get this to work with animations and exporting to KSP. Thus receives this error. Is there something I am doing wrong? If you can give some pointers. Let me know, I am more of a visuals so pictures/video helps with me learning how to make a light. Also I am on Unity 2019 for the 1.8 update.
  7. I wanna be ready for this too. I am very hyped to see this mod be ported over to ksp2 Tanks and planes... in HD Also, hope for multicore support for huge dogfights/tank warfare
  8. I want to second this and say that for 1.6.1 The icon for the welding mod does not show up.
  9. Version 0.6.0: Artillery update - Fixed some sounds - Added in 5 new guns (SU-5, SU-14, M41HMC, Sexton, StermPanzer II ) - Updated bulletscfg - Updated Bullet resources
  10. Version 0.5.5: Tank Destroyer Pack - Added in new guns (FCM36Pak, FT_AC, Marder38T, PanzerJager I, StugIII, T3HMC, T56GMC, Tortoise, UC2Pdr, ValentineAT) - Fixed Batchat25T - Removed E.R.A part until a fix is made - Changed a few numbers and variables, so just re-add the turret onto your tank for the changes
  11. I'd hate to revive this but I am back, and with an update as well. Speaking of Update Version 0.5: An Epic Update - Added 26 New Turrets to the mod - Scaling changes again - weight and Ammo changes - Tank turrets added (7tp, amx50B, AmxElcBis, Arl44, Batchat25T, Chi-nu, Chi-Ri, Cromwell, Is-2, M10 Wolverine, M18 Hellcat, MBT-70, O-I, Panther, PantherII, Panzer III ausf J, PanzerIV, Panzer 38T, RenaultFT 13.2mm, ST vz. 39T, Su100Y, T92HMC, T-95, Tiger I, Type-97) - added a universal Ammo box for FDC - New armor panels
  12. It was noted in the github that the bullets had a negative drag area. Which was the reason why they were speeding up.