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  1. I think they do look a lil saturated, and may be due to monitor? but this could be caused by the Ambient occlusion that i added to the new turrets. I can revert them to just diffuse and normal maps at a later update. Seems like that was an oversight on my end. I didn't read the wikipedia on them correctly (Blame 4am working on the mod moods!) So I'll put in a quick change to the part via github later tonight. Radars, far as they could see would be about 55km, I think reducing them to 30km max might be much better, but absolute detection would be set to where they can see irl. Though, that just might be too much. playing with rcs and range is finicky at best. But they should just be only 55km at max with very big rcs like over 60rcs. M163 only has scanning and cannot lock. Has limited range too from what i know.
  2. Awesome to hear! look like I just had the directories wrong for some reason.
  3. Looks like ckan is pulling from my github page, and seems that the upload is off. I don't use Ckan at all and it's better off to download directly, but let me see if I can fix it real quick.
  4. It's out now. Update 2.0 Military Expansion - Added 38 new turrets - America (M109A6, M163) - Britain (Challenger 2, Chieftain Mk10, Comet-1, Conqueror MK2, Crusader AA MK2, Falcon, Marksmen, Rooikat ZA-35) - China (PGZ09, PTZ89, WMA301, ZLT11, ZSD63, ZTZ99_Stage_III) - France (AMX13-105, AMX13-FM, Amx-30 DCA, AMX-40, E.B.R, Leclerc) - Italy (Ariete, M14/41, Centauro 120, L3/33 CC, AB 41, 47/32 L40, M42 Contraereo, R3 T20, OTOMATIC) - Japan (Type 10, Type 90, Type 16, Type 74 (E), Type 87 RCV,Type 87 AA) - Sweeden (Bkan 1C) - E.R.A is back and functional - Bullet Def changes (Plus if you're using the older version of BDAC Runway such as Version: v1.4.6.2 then you'll have that versions Bullet Definitions as well in the github page) - Redone Ammo Box Texture - Added MMPatch for BDAc Armor parts to use FDC armor textures. - Added AGM-119 Penguin Missile (+ 1 hidden fun missile) - Lots of balance changes to turret rotation speed, fire rate and other misc stuff - Removed Sounds (Ready to fire, reloading sounds)
  5. Small update, Porting this update to BDAc Runwayproject 1.5 when it comes out. Things been pretty fast. Made some calculators that backports most of my bullet definitions so that I can get the accurate penetration info like I did back then. 2 nations left to get their buffs/debuffs plus Ammo recalculated, Russia and Sweden. Also made the MMPatch for the BDA_Armor panels to use the same textures from my mod. Updates are under Dev portion of my Github page if you want the latest update before 2.0 is released.
  6. Getting closer to pushing the full 2.0 Update, China's vehicles are done and now onto the British vehicles and the one Swedish cannon. Other than that, gotta do a major Bullet APmod overhaul as I recently updated my testing pack to the newest BDAc version and noticed quite the disparity between the one I used and the new one. Overall I'll need to change the math up on my APmod calculator to reflect the new changes, but it wouldn't take but an hour to figure the math out, however it will take hours to fix all the bullets. Maybe Days due to how much research went into most and I don't have the penetration numbers all much anymore for most. Other than that, I expect a May release at least and June at most.
  7. Considering that most use Module Manager, I could make a module manager patch to have them.
  8. Just an update, Just got done with the new French tanks, they're added into KSP now. Hopefully won't take long to do the others. but a lot of ways to go. Also, changing all artillery range is changed to 99999 meters to allow them to have their full range.
  9. Just to expand on what I've mentioned. Here's a screenshot for the update. Highlighted in red is some of the new turrets that are close to ready. But here's the update for new turrets in order. America - M109A6 - M163 Britian - Challenger 2 - Chieftain Mk10 - Comet-1 - Conqueror MK2 - Crusader AA MK2 - Falcon - Marksmen - Rooikat ZA-35 China - PGZ09 - PTZ89 - WMA301 - ZLT11 - ZSD63 - ZTZ99_Stage_III France - AMX13-105 - AMX13-FM - Amx-30 DCA - AMX-40 - E.B.R - Leclerc Italy - Ariete - M13/40 (II) - M14/41 - Centauro 120 - L3/33 CC - AB 41 - 47/32 L40 - M42 Contraereo - R3 T20 - OTOMATIC Japan - Type 10 - Type 90 - Type 16 - Type 74 (E) - Type 87 RCV - Type 87 AA Sweeden -Bkan 1C
  10. I've been away for a while and work has been setting me back with projects. I've made a lot of promises of doing work, but I'm committing this week to making some sort of update. That or by next week. I'm doing a large update with trying to push many turrets for each nation to least be close to 20 each. Modern is going to be first in line before doing cold war and then WWII types. I will be balancing the weights for the new Runway update and bringing back my old prototype ERA. Along with that a secret turret for fun that I want to design from scratch with it's own 'future ammo' which you may need to activate by the config file. Along with that, adding the AGM-119 Missile and another secret missile that you might get a laugh at. It has something to do with Agent 47. Here's an image of a boat that I printed for fun and took it to a lake just to show I'm alive and well. I.T Systems Engineer work is fun and awesome, but I've come to terms that I come home tired, and just sleep.
  11. Hey Guys, Sorry I have not been around for a while, I would say a lot of things have been happening that slowed things down for me. Lot of things happened in august like moving into a new home, but more so the upcoming season was getting increasing mentally intensive, and brings me to be tired a lot when I am home. Job being in the I.T Sector and with that comes with working with plants around the US with upgrades and issues. Blah But not to delay what this thread is about. I'll try to pack in a 2.0 update instead of doing small incremental updates per nation. I'll try to see if I can pack in some recommendations here if I can.
  12. I actually just learned how to make missiles not too long ago. Which means I could implement some of these. For now, I'll send an image of a missile I made. AGM-119
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