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  1. Hey all!

    I'm pleased to announce that I have four DMP (DarkMultiplayer) servers up and running!

    What is DarkMultiplayer you ask? Well. Its a way to play KSP with your friends. Duh. Without

    all the lag (well, it still has SOME of the lag) and all the bugs (some of the bugs may still be there).

    I'm not the creator, or a dev, just some dude who likes to play KSP Multiplayer, without the annoying

    KSC bug (the one where you're so excited the game launched, and you can finally play, but at the

    Space Center, it doesn't let you click on a @$#%ing thing).

    Dark Multiplayer is available here: http://chrisand.no-ip.info/dmp/

    Please note all these servers are running the latest release, not the development version.

    As I said, before I got distracted, I have four servers, two modded. All servers give you the option

    of using KER (Kerbal Engineer Redux), VOID (Vessel Orbital Information Display) and Editor Extensions.

    Stock Sandbox (KER, VOID and EE optional)


    Stock DEVELOPMENT Sandbox (KER, VOID and EE optional)


    Stock COMBAT Sandbox


    Download mods here:


    Hope to see you guys soon! Any questions I can generally be found on irc.esper.net in #DMP. If you don't have an IRC

    client, webchat is available here: http://esper.net/publicirc.php



  2. DMP Dedicated Servers:

    DMPServers.chickenkiller.com:6702 (Stock Sandbox)

    DMPServers.chickenkiller.com:6704 (Development Server)

    DMPServers.chickenkiller.com:6707 (Combat Server)

    Mods Download Link: dropbox.com/s/0x19s700z2oj7u0/GameData.zip

  3. Hey, I'm having a problem getting EL running. It may be that I am stupid. but lets cover the bases first:

    All the files are in my ksp/Gamedata/EL folder.

    EL from post 1 of this thread, downloaded today.

    My KSP is up to date. My kethane is 0.8.4. KAS 0.4.6.


    Apart from a few added parts, these are the only mods I am running.

    My problem is this:

    I am building a ship, with a launchpad, fuel, crewed capsule, powered, and rocketparts, and flying it to orbit

    (or trying from KSC), I can open/close the pad, select the ship I want to build, pause and resume building, but the

    progress bar doesn't move. I also don't seem to be getting an option to see the production values

    I've read about (from Kerbals courage/stupidity). Just to be clear, I did download the version of EL

    that's on this thread, at the very beginning, today.

    I know there must be something blatantly obvious I'm missing. I just don't know what it is. Could somebody help

    me please? I'm very excited to get this thing working, but after two days of fiddling with it, my frustration level

    is building.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I'm an idiot. I didn't have ModuleManager installed. I also didn't realize without it a workshop was required for

    more than just converting metal into SpaceshipParts. Thanks to those who responded. I'm dumb.

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