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  1. well id love a whole universe where the galaxies are randomly generated but... there are all of those programming limitations the kraken is due to floating point precision problems and there will be a fix for that but it shows that making ksp just one solar system will already be really hard to do, and whole other solar systems and galaxies... i hope it happens but i dont think it will go much further than a few solar systems in one small (compared to real world) galaxy
  2. hey anyone know how i can find the number of parts below and above my part as well as their combined weight and other stuff just cant find the functions needed edit: found a way used in a for loop
  3. yep you did it.... (speechless) guess youre the winner
  4. i think its possible but you wouldnt see as stated above the orbit on both can someone do some calculations to see how speed and other stuff needs to be??
  5. ok.... i posted it over there and im gonna say it again... how the kerbal did they find all the methods and calls??? S:|
  6. i dont think anyone else (except devs and mods) know either this thread will have 150% more people posting once the docs are up. before then no one will even really bother writing anything... so i guess we\'ll just have to wait for now patiently for the big bang of new parts appearing out of nowhere ;P hey anyone wanna team up with me?? i can write c++ (and c# doesnt look that different) but i have no clue about 3d designing and all that would like to make some parts though and if you dont know programming....
  7. HOLY CRAP i thought people dropped it... keep trying. youre getting there my closest one so far was 1.5km keep it up find out what weird particles come out ;P
  8. i dont buy games that often (maybe 2 every year) and ksp i just had to have (it made me not buy BF3) keep up the good work guys cant wait for the future updates (speaking of the future im gonna go at light speed to skip time and travel to the future in ksp, see if the kerbals have evolved in 100000 years) ;P
  9. it is possible i just got to about 2 km with only one gimballing engine so with rcs and a large ship you could get it right thats why its a challenge (if it was too easy it wouldn\'t be challenging right??) :-*
  10. Ok so cern (and other particle acceleration projects) got bored of smashing particles into each other at light speed kerbals (being smarter) thought why not smash something bigger into each other so you can see something so your mission is to launch two rockets into similar orbits but in opposite directions and make them smash into each other in space i would upload some proof of concept images but they fly by way to fast (something with 4000m/s on my try with a distance of 2km from each other) so to proof you have done it you need to create a video lower orbits (or higher speeds) means more points get smashing some rockets (into rockets)!!! edit: got some images in my new try but not as close ( 8km)
  11. persistence and custom script parts loader 0.14 is gonna be the best update any game has ever seen
  12. yep people if you are not old enough to earn money and get lousy pocket money (or none like me) get it now its only gonna get more expensive although you should really donate something later on (like i will just because its an awesome game and it really helps the devs )