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  1. Hey, just wanted to say these parts are great! Landed a base on Duna today:
  2. [quote name='DrGonzo94']Hi guys. Love this mod, it's my favourite engine mod. Is it safe to use with 1.0.5? Thanks to mod author for all the good work. Kind regards,[/QUOTE] It seems to work if you install the 1.0.5 version of Interstellar Fuel Switch after installing the mod. Get it here: [url][/url] There's still a warning message on startup, and there may be some bugs that I haven't found. But it seems to work okay when I tried it. Please don't post bug reports in this thread until Nertea posts an official update.
  3. I think it just has too large a range for most craft by default. SAS likes to go to full lock easily, which results in crazy oscillation. I've had good results by setting the maximum range down to 2 or 3 degrees instead of 15. Here's my current use case:
  4. Hey, I just noticed that the included patch for fuel tanks doesn't seem to work right with some of the tanks from Ven's Stock Revamp. Specifically, all of the tanks it specifies in ExtraTanks.cfg (e.g. the Oscar-D and Oscar-E stretched 625mm tanks) end up with the wrong fuel amounts, even in the LFO configuration. I think it's because Ven uses +PART to create new tanks that are based off of existing ones, so if Ven's loads after CryoEngines, then the Oscar-B has already had its LFO replaced with the InterstellarFuelSwitch module, and the new tanks just copy that module. If I add "AFTER[VenStockRevamp]" to CryoEnginesFuelTanks.cfg it seems to fix it, but I feel like there has to be a better way to do this, because other mods might use +PART for fuel tanks too. edit: Also it has issues with parts that have LFO and IntakeAir (e.g. the MK2 intake adaptor from QuiztechAero), they no longer function as intakes.
  5. Sure, go for it. I love having an early-game two person pod, and I've been using this one (with the unofficial patch, until this morning) instead of the Radish because it fits with the stock heat shields.
  6. I love this thing! RealChutes patch: @PART[Corvus_Nose]:AFTER[RealChute]:NEEDS[RealChute] { !MODULE[ModuleParachute]{} MODULE { name = RealChuteModule caseMass = 0.1 timer = 0 mustGoDown = false cutSpeed = 0.5 spareChutes = 5 PARACHUTE { material = Nylon preDeployedDiameter = 1 deployedDiameter = 25 minIsPressure = true minPressure = 0.01 deploymentAlt = 700 cutAlt = -1 preDeploymentSpeed = 2 deploymentSpeed = 6 preDeploymentAnimation = SemiDeploy deploymentAnimation = FullyDeploy parachuteName = Canopy capName = Cap } } MODULE { name = ProceduralChute textureLibrary = StockReplacement currentCanopies = Main chute } EFFECTS { rcpredeploy { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_parachute_open volume = 1 } } rcdeploy { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_parachute_single volume = 1 } } rccut { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = RealChute/Sounds/sound_parachute_cut volume = 1 } } rcrepack { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = RealChute/Sounds/sound_parachute_repack volume = 1 } } } }
  7. I think I found a bug with powered recovery. I have a manned carrier aircraft launching an unmanned probe, like so: When I detached the rocket and switched to it to push it to orbit, StageRecovery recovered the carrier plane. But after the mission, the pilot's level got reset to zero. Does this happen every time?
  8. Yeah, I'm not doing any remodeling for this, this is just a maintenance update.
  9. Deployable grid fins would be pretty awesome, but I have no idea how to implement them here. These still work pretty well to stabilize lower stages, though.
  10. Okay, here we go: I've converted the textures to DDS and updated all the parts to work, including giving the mini jet engine the new jet mechanics, and I tried to set the drag and heat tolerance stuff up in line with the other parts. I think the grid fins might be a little overpowered with the new aero model so I raised the weight slightly. Other than that everything seemed fine when I tested it, but let me know if anything is horribly wrong. License is CC-BY-SA 3.0, just like the original. Credit for models, textures, IVAs, original parts config, and everything else of any real value goes to Sam Hall; all I did was update it. Pics:
  11. SH hasn't logged on since October. I've been playing around with the part config files to get everything working for 1.0, and I've just about got it. (The new jet engine mechanics are interesting, but not really documented well). I'll upload fixes later today after a bit more testing.
  12. The Colibri is pretty neat, but does anyone have any tips on doing an actual vertical landing with it?
  13. Hey, I just noticed that your hydrogen tank wedge costs 3,500 funds. All of the other wedges (e.g. the oxygen tank) are around 350. Is this big price difference intentional, or is it a typo?
  14. Hey, the KAX package is broken because it requires both the Firespitter "core" plugin and the Resources/Firespitter.cfg config file. I suggest including the config file in the Firespitter Core package (it won't hurt anything being there).