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  1. crunch

    KSP Medals

    why not it like it sovi... i mean Russian federation (and yes i made this:), i call it the order of kerbal.)
  2. that looks cool, all i have is this mig-23("work in progress")
  3. i want to download this but this mega.nz thing wants me to down load it's installer. i just want the dam .zip please regards ~crunch~
  4. i can no longer double right click and click loop , am i the only one having problems like this with you tube "new look"? p.s help. ~crunch~ el psy congroo
  5. crunch

    GMT -5 time

    what part of the USA runs on GMT-5. that is all. ~crunch~ el psy congroo
  6. i best get ready, don't what to be late.
  7. No words can describe this but congrats.
  8. jokes aside did Green Iron Crown's account get deleted, i know the account was made for fun. but when i look through the old/closed threads, all i see is this guest account? thanks for your time. ~crunch~ el psy congroo
  9. 1. no. but a long time ago (2014) you could download the pack in one go, but sadly that is a thing of the past. 2. No not yet, from what i know/think bobcat (the mod pack creator) is quite busy and we are not shore when he will able to get around to it.
  10. was there a plan to add a mid deck for the buran. if you still pan to make some time i the far future could i recommend that it is done Ptichka stile cigarette but and all.
  11. Man want do have against bricks. Oh right where all here to talk about this cool mod. @ DECQ the buran look cool, keep up the good work mate.
  12. my trip to minmus oops sorry,pic 20 is not part of the minmus trip that was part of, one my hundreds of Soyuz missions.
  13. KSP: 0.90 windows 32 bit Problem: ummm eerrr ???? this http://imgur.com/YKjB9nt Mods installed: http://imgur.com/wOraqEE
  14. is there any further plans for the buran at this time
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