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  1. Nope. The user below me loves the film Grown Ups
  2. I am horrendously expensive and a black hole for NASA Budget. I do nothing to lower costs of getting into space. Damn Skylon hippy, I'm better than the SATURN V! Don't talk to me about costs!
  3. I am on Kerbin, remember? Blade wolf is incapable of interplanetary powers. I chuck interplanetary space at the next poster.
  4. I knock you out with a riot shield. I chuck it to attack the next poster.
  5. How do I change the prefix to answered now? (Sorry, joined earlier today)
  6. Screenshots can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/zH6wd#0
  7. O.K. Will check next time I get on KSP.
  8. I response to Exosphere's assertion that lower payloads means it is more expensive, what do you say about the estimate that Skylon will reduce the cost of taking 1kg to LEO from $8,500 to $650? The Big dumb booster may work, but spaceplanes work better. You also argue that shallower trajectories are less efficient. Well, do you believe that rocket fuel is more efficient than jet fuel? I think not, so the shallower trajectory is made up for by that. Also, your argument of aerodynamic stresses is invalidated by the fact that spaceplanes are planes! They are built for this kind of thing!
  9. I built an SSTO on Sunday. It functions perfectly in atmo but when I fire up the rocket engine (LV-T30) in space it pitches upwards almost uncontrollably. However once I deorbit and enter into atmo again the craft rolls and spins whenever I attempt to control it. Is this a usual problem?
  10. The thing is, the reason features are on the what not to suggest page does not mean that it is not going to be added. In fact, it means the opposite: they are going to be added in future updates. Incorrect. It merely means the suggestions are so common that we have to limit them so that we can actually see a few original ideas come around every now and again. Some things, like weapons, are most decidedly not (as stated by Squad) going to be in the game, and are thus on the WNTS list. --Vexx32 Also, a sandbox game is all about getting a sense of achievement. If you want something more, wait until Budget and reputation is added in 0.24. One more thing: your attitude to other forum members is horrendous! How dare you belittle these people and insult them? Doing this will merely turn them more and more against you. Attacking someone who gave their opinion (which they are entitled to have) and even supported your motion will simply make them go against you.
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