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  1. Love the new update ! Now to find how to turn the seat: Also, tested the update with my spacelab payload: This is a great update
  2. Great work like always. I was wondering, could you put windows on the roof and looking at the cargobay (very useful for IVA only missions) ? http://api.ning.com/files/y5QJXh00VZn8HWX6DoG7UTdbL6aBLSKCU5DnnxhBkYSGs03pWZcGnST-mnnsGlneDRGKs96ku0G9WvNdg0*GYNOtbpCvZkHP/i12_028388.jpg
  3. The works continue on the Collective Space Station with the arrival of the first Ussari Module: Arrival of the KPG Delivery Vehicule: Module installed:
  4. Thanks you for your help, redownloaded and reinstalled JSI and it seems to have done the trick. Hooray !
  5. Here is my folder: I think every thing is installed properly like the instructions say in the front page. (Thanks for the reply BTW)
  6. Bug report: First time installing the capsule and the monitors don't work (1). I do not think it is a problem with RPM because my kso's screens work (2): 1: 2 Anybody have an idea ? Thanks
  7. Here you go, completed with my f-35c replica:
  8. I reproduced some naval aircrafts: From left to right: F/A-18 Super Hornet, C-2 GreyHound and F-35 Lightning II
  9. For the f-35, I use mainly the TT Vtol engine and of course procedural wings and B9.
  10. I have some CF-188A Hornets and some F-35C park on a carrier http://i.imgur.com/213i3Uk.jpg' alt='213i3Uk.jpg'>
  11. Really great parts already, I'm loving the drop tanks ! http://i.imgur.com/sPPhsrj.png' alt='sPPhsrj.png'>
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