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  1. When is it the best time to retrograde back to kerbin ? Apoapsis or periapsis ? Also, in the career mode i have the orbit kerbin mission. i'm orbiting and i dont unlock it ? is it because my orbit isnt perfect ?
  2. Rotating the ship is not a problem, its more how to align it so that it will be ok with my nav ball... Sorry English is not easy for me...
  3. I'm trying to build a rocket to launch my first kerbal into orbit. My problem is that when i stage off my two big "thumper solid fuel boster" with my radial decoupler, they stay close and broke the liquid fuel engine on my main rocket. I try to put two radial decoupler on the booster but they dont seem to attach correctly and they stay on when staging off. 1- how to put two radial decoupler in line that attach correctly ? 2- how to rotate a ship correctly in the hangar so that it is facing the 90 degree (for the orbit)
  4. I'm always short by a few seconds... and none left for reentry., if i add mor tank, heavier rocket...less altitude...
  5. I manage to climb my rocket at about 80 k, and when i made my maneuver node to orbit, i always get a 47 seconds burn... i would like to shorten that. What can i do ? Its not a big rocket.
  6. In fact, once i decided not to revert the flight. I succeeded in a contract that was bugging me and i decided to let go Valentina...
  7. I'm starting the game and i must say I've crashed a lot of rockets. I then revert either to the assembly or the laucnhing pad. Is there any reason i shouldnt do this ? I dont see the point in killing my kerbals ...
  8. I'm pretty sure that my rpoblem is that my rentry speed is way too fast, about 1200 m/s . It burn my chute before i even got a chance to open it. All the rocket i made go way too high. I seem to be stuck at that point in career mode. Cant explore the map, to create the arc needed to go some place take me too high then burning my chutes.
  9. In fact i have a small craft. I'm at the beginning of the career mode. I'll get more detail on my next flight.
  10. I've tried different things and i'm still burning a lot of parachutes. When i try to open them at about 3000 m i very often get the message that the chute have burned...
  11. I have just installed mechjeb, but i didnt see anything in my game. I have to unlock it ? How ?
  12. Where i can download these mods ? And also what the difference between these two ? Are they compatible with the newest version of KSP ?
  13. yep thanks for your answer... First, sorry next time i'll post in the right forum. second from all your explications, my angle was really to steep. it was a vertical launch followed by a vertical descent... lol
  14. I launch a rocket that climb 100 km up, i was very glad, got 4 contracts in one shot. But my capsule exploded in reentry, i was going at about 2100 km/h . I even put a heat shield Under the capsule but it all goes up in a big bang.... What have i done wrong ? My first guess is that i must keep some fuel to brake before reentry ? What is the acceptable speed ? Also sorry for my English...
  15. I've started a new campaign and its been a while since i have played. Any hint of what to do first ? which building to upgrade ? I've played a bit and try some mission. Some mission are not doable with the stuff i have unlocked.
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