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  1. This is more of a question then a challenge, but would it be possible to drag a large asteroid into a stable orbit around Kerbin and then land on it, do science on it, and even build a mining base on it. It would become Kerbin's third moon. There is enough space between Kerbin and the Mun, and the Mun and Minnus to have another object orbit Kerbin. If you think it is possible, then show me how it would be done?
  2. I don't know. Try giving it a shot. If people really want to all do additional scoring category that is by itself, but for the main challenge, no. I am looking forward to seeing some actual entries. I am also trying to do it myself, but that will take some time. I am first going to try going to the mun with the one burn with a small probe. In that try my only requirement is that I get to the Mun, which means as far as I am concerned, the probe can crash into the mun and as long as got there on one main burn. Next attempt will be to try to land a probe on the mun with only two main burns. (I haven't landed anything on the Mun since 1.0 came out, so this will take quite some time for me to figure out) If I accomplish that, then I do my first test run of the unmanned command pod landing on the Mun with only two main burns as required for the challenge. Once I am able to do it, I will do a couple more test runs before recording the mission for upload to YouTube.
  3. To clarify: the first burn means everything from the initial 'lift-off' to the 'main engine cutoff'. This includes boosters, secondary engines, whatever is used to get the rocket into space. The only requirement is that when you do the 'main engine cutoff', your orbital trajectory has Mun encounter. Also to note, the only other burns allowed other than the 'lift-off to MEC' burn and the 'suicide burn to land on the moon' are course corrections. However, remember to try limit the total of amount of fuel burned because it reduces your final score.
  4. After completing the 'Get Rid of Jeb' challenge, I decided to post this one. Story: Ever since the start of the kerbal space program, kerbal's have been yearning to go to the Mun. No matter how many people came to Gene Kerman to ask to be sent to the mun, he kept saying no each time. "In these early days of the program, it is just too expensive." Everyone knows that to get to the mun would require 5 burns. One to take off and get into space, a second to get into orbit around Kerbin, a third to do the transfer between kerbin and the mun, a fourth to orbit around the mun, and a fifth to actually land on the moon. The fuel required to do all those burns just costs the program too much money. However, one kerbal named Jebudiah was very persistant, and was constantly arguing with Gene. One day, Jeb came in and said that he thinks that the mun can be reached with only two burns. Gene first initial gut reaction was "Impossible!". After arguing about it for several hours, Gene gave in and (after arranging for Jebudiah to take an extended vacation in kerbol orbit) sent out a challenge to all the engineers in the program. Rules: Build the smallest, cheapest, and lightest rocket that can get to the Mun in only two burns; one burn to take off from Kerbin, and one burn to land on the Mun. The rocket must include a probe computer and an empty Mk 1 Command Capsule. It must also land safely on the Mun (no crash landings). Then fly it to the mun unmanned to prove it to Gene that it can be done. Smallest: Cheapest: Lightest: Least amount of fuel burned: Final Score: (your combined score for the smallest, cheapest, lightest - the amount of fuel burned.)
  5. Thanks. This challenge was kind of easy for me because I kind of experiment with these kinds of rockets all the time. When I saw the challenge, I knew it was right up my alley. Several of the assumptions I made is that since I was sending it on an escape velocity, then it didn't need parachutes, heat shields, and the like; and the capsule didn't need to be seprated from the final stage of the rocket. Those assumptions really helped me cut back on the number of parts I used.
  6. So the question I have, is can I use Ship Manifest without this being update to 1.0. I never really used Connected Living Spaces, but now that Ship Manifest requires it, well... Ship Manifest is a must have mod for me.
  7. This request is simple, There are many games were death is permanent, where you can name the individuals that are in the game. You can name them after friends, family, even viewers of your livestream. This gives them uniqueness and personality, and makes it hurt even more when they die. Kerbals can die often in KSP, especially now with the new aerodynamic and thermodynamic systems in place. So I would like a mod that allows you 'add' custom kerbals that you get to name and then hire from the astronaut complex to be a part of your space program.
  8. In Nasa, you don't have one person handling everything. Instead you have team of people each with a specific job and specific area of expertise working together to complete their objectives. You have pilots, scientists, engineers; you have flight directors, mission controllers, radio operators, and programmers. When I play kerbal space program, I do not see myself as a pilot or the programmer that worked on a probe's guidance system. I see myself as a flight director/mission controller, the one that plans the missions, overseeing the launches, landings, and orbital maneuvers (such as transfers, corrections, and rendesvous), trying to come up with solutions when problems arise. I see mechjeb as the work of the pilots or the programmers, which is not my area of expertise. I use mechjeb for the fidgety stuff, like getting my ship into a perfectly circular orbit, or doing a rendezvous with another ship (including the docking, which i have had no problems with), or landing my ship with pinpoint accuracy, or plotting a orbital plane transfer for when going to places like Minnus. Some of those things I have to much of a heavy hand to do due to my disability (like the docking), and so mechjeb is my accommodation, other things I can't just figure out (like getting int a perfect curricular orbit, doing the rendezvous and the orbital plane transfers). I also use mechjeb to help me plan my maneuvers cause sometimes mechjeb is just better than my brain. Of course, when mechjeb screws things up royally, I do take manual control to try to rectify the situation. Mechjeb is not perfect, after all. By the way, I do not use mechjeb for information. Kerbal Engineer gives me all the flight information that I need. So, using mechjeb is not cheating. Flight Directors are not expected to fly the rocketships they send up, that's the job of the pilots and programmers; so why should I be expected to do it too. Running a space mission takes a team effort, and in my mind Mechjeb is just part of my team.
  9. I think I may have to re-work this challenge from square one now that KSP 1.0 is out. If anybody has any ideas, let me know.
  10. I hope the mod authors are working hard on this. I can't play KSP without my atmospheric trajectories, especially now that you have to consider the heating of re-entry and using a low profile re-entry trajectory.
  11. So I tried this out a bit, and I found it a bit confusing. I currently use KSP Mod Admin. What makes this manager better?
  12. It saddened me to see a topic that was totally unrelated to KSP be taken up here. However, with that said... it's over. Valve has taken the paid mods option off the skyrim workshop. So, there.. let's drop it and move on. We have a wonderful KSP 1.0 on our hands.
  13. I don't know where else to put this, but I just want to give a big thank you to the KSP modding community. I have been very concerned when it comes to new updates of KSP, because all of my installed mods suddenly become out of date and incompatible with the latest version, and because I have KSP on steam, I have no way of reverting to previous versions of the game. What I have experienced with previous updates is that it would be a quite awhile before all the mods that I consider essential (Mechjeb, Kerbal Engineer, Enhanced Navball, atmospheric trajectories, ship manifest, and more recently added to my essential list Kerbal attachment system.) The wait would be even longer (some times two or more months) for my favorite mods to be updated. (like rastor prop moniter, vessel viewer, launch countdown, probe control room, remote tech, procedural fairings, procedural parts, and tac life support). Many times it would be frustrating as I wait week after week for some of the mods to be update, and some times weeks would turn into months. So I was pleasantly surprised after steam updated KSP to 1.0, that many mod authors of my essential mods and even some of my favorite mods were hard at work in updating their mods to 1.0. I am very excited to get started, and hopeful that with in a week or two I will have most of my essential mods so that I can start getting used to the new game mechanics, and I am even more hopeful that from the end of may to even mid June I will have many of my favorite mods available. Again, Kudos to all those mod makers that are working hard to get their mods compatible with 1.0 and improving our enjoyment of KSP.
  14. I don't know if this is the right place for this, but here goes: I purchased Kerbal Space Program for my father on Steam during the last Steam winter sale. He installed it on his IMac, but had trouble with the game because the mac mouse only has one button and there are no ways to access the context sensitive menus accessed by right clicking on objects. It also makes it hard building rockets in the VAB. My father told me he can't play it until someone fixes the program to work without the right mouse button fuctionality. Do any of you have any ideas?
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