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  1. #YOLO I'd like to sign up as a providing company, representing ATMOS Industries. We'd make a atmospheric survey vehicle for measuring the atmospheric density at various levels, facilitating easier calculation of trajectories for launch vehicles. Powerplant: Twin engines Equipment: BaroStat Atmospheric Science Package (pat. ATMOS Ind.) Crew capacity: None, unkerbaled Speed: 500kph Armament: Twin antiaircraft missiles to combat any rebel/splinter antiscience factions Name: BTL-2 Betelgeuse UASV (Unmanned Armed Scientific Vehicle)
  2. * revives * Hah! Just barely within the limit for necro posting.
  3. Whoa, whoa whoa. This is a MAJOR necro post. This has been dead for two years (and a few months) and it is SEVEN versions behind. It wouldn't work if you downloaded it, anyway!
  4. CONTRACT: Timey-wimey-stuff AGENT: Tenth Doctor Task: Make a replica of the TARDIS that can launch itself into Kerbin Orbit, be completely stable at 4x in atmosphere timewarp, and make it to the Mun and back with no damage. Landing legs not allowed; debug menu encouraged, but no gravity hacks or unbreakable joints. Enjoy!
  5. I'll go for the fighter challenge with my Fyresturm (to be posted) and my as-of-yet unfinished Bloodhawk VTOL GA jet.
  6. Screenshots. Upload them to tinypic and copy paste the link meant for forum into your post.
  7. True. Maybe we should turn this into a contest for best-performing craft? We could go and get a DMP server running.
  8. Oh, god. The FAR demons. There is a reason I never downloaded that mod......
  9. Oh, it is possible. Just that you have to climb very slowly up to about 12k meters, on full throttle, for 16 minuites. But still, it is priced to move! BUY TODAY; LOT I ONLY 120K MS EACH PLANE!
  10. Sorry, MCA. The XV-89 goes at 269.6 m/s at cruising altitude of 6700 meters, and above that, (it can go to around 11000) I reached a speed of 12800 m/s.
  11. I'm talking about if you need to refuel, I'll send a tanker over and refuel it for you. That lasts for two weeks ingame time, so I don't lose too much profit. By the way, thank you for the compliment.