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  1. I have to ask--where did you get that headbanger Kerbal GIF you use for your profile pic?

    1. Redneck


      i made it in blender, animated it in a scene then transformed that movie file it into a gif online

    2. LitaAlto


      It looks absolutely amazing. Great work, and keep on rocking! \m/

    3. Redneck
  2. giphy.gif

    Like a Kerbal spinning right round, right round....


  3. Porkjet Jack-O-Lantern mod + Kerbal Attachment System + Kerbal Animation Suite + EVA Follower =


  4. Your joint deformation post led to an unfortunate experiment on my part....


  5. New avatar courtesy DaGuy AboveYou, used with permission.


  6. Searches no longer let you narrow by forum. I used to be able to search for recent posts in the Add-Ons forums where the title contained "1.0"--so I could better monitor which mods were updated. No longer is that an option.

    On a brighter note, you can now sort forums by thread start date. Maybe I won't need the option as much....

  7. I like the look of the new forum software, and its new messaging system. I don't like what it did to YouTube embeds, signatures, and pre-existing forum links.

  8. Hi from one trans woman to another. :-)

  9. I like your female Kerbal images. Also, nice guitar. :)

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