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    [1.1]Hullcam VDS - mod adopted by linuxgamer

    Also getting this problem here. Done some tracking to see which mod was causing this, and came to the same conclusion. Docking ports just pass right through each other. Bummer, this was the last mod before I could continue with my 1.0.5 save, and removing this mod will delete ALL my ships! I'll be checking in for updates!
  2. Well done MacTee! Tkx for the fast fix! Also, contact me if you need some help. My C# skills are a little bit rusty (I have to wear glasses... I don't C#), since I haven't used it for some 3/4 years. But tell me something if you're in a tight spot.
  3. Yeap, Curseforge link, and selected the radio button for it
  4. Hey everyone. Although I'm gaming KSP for quite a while (since 0.14), Only now I got a forum account. Why only now? I dunno... I was busy blowing up stuff on ascension, I guess. Kudos!
  5. Hi MacTee I tried the workaround you said, and changed one of the mods for its link in Curse. But when it's checking for upgrades, the reply is: I'm using 1.4.0 on Win7 Any quick fix or workaround?