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  1. How are you going to find the debris? If most of it is paint flecks and screws and stuff, won't that be really hard to see?
  2. Solar panels grant unlimited use data transmitters from orbit grant unlimited money/rep, which can be converted into science.
  3. Asparagus doesn't scale well, sure, but creating the first lifter is easier. Let's say I want to get something into orbit: I make a lifter which doesn't make it. If I'm using normal staging, I then have to make another stage which is bigger than the current stage by exactly the right amount. Too much and it's hard to build the next stage, too little and that stage doesn't add much. If I'm using Asparagus, I can just add another stage which is the exact same as the last one. Though actually since Career Mode was implemented I've generally been using SRBs for the first stage, and then asparagus (if necessary).
  4. Yes, because it's easy. If you need more delta-v on an asparagus-staged thing you just add another stage. If you need more on a regularly staged you need to make the next stage bigger enough that it's much bigger except then to add another stage after that you need even more bigger and then the entire thing dies.
  5. 1) Delta-V is only a problem in that the more you want the longer you have to burn. Waiting for a burn to complete is easy and doesn't affect which planet is the "easiest" to return from. 2) Airless bodies are harder to land on but easier to return from. Once you've got there, there's practically no difference between landing+returning from Dres vs landing+returning from the Mun. Also, Dres has significantly less surface gravity. You need a rocket to return from Duna, but you can return from Dres with just an ion thruster. 3) That's strange. Dres always seems to be at a window when I want to go there.
  6. I don't understand quantum physics/general relativity/your magicalness which allows FTL stuff, but I'm pretty sure that the answer is a massive explosion.
  7. If you want to go one-way, definitely Eve. If you want to land and return, definitely Dres. As soon as you get the Atomic Rocket, Delta-V ceases to be a problem so they're both easy to reach. Dres has less surface gravity and no atmosphere, it's basically just like landing on the Mun, except it's a bit harder to get to. You can take off and return all the way to Kerbin with nothing but an Ion Thruster.
  8. Yay aerodynamics. Refueling sounds cool. I'm sorta disappointed at the lack of an overhaul to the science system, but really better aerodynamics was the main thing I wanted out of KSP.
  9. Clearly, KSP is just a large project by the marketing side of Squad. NASA/Some other space agency hired Squad to get people into science/math/engineering/SPAAAAACEE, and thus they created KSP. They'll only make another game if they get another thing which a game would be a good way of marketing.
  10. Because it's there. Mars is close to us and isn't Hell, what more reason do you need to explore it?
  11. Better Aerodynamics, Better Aerodynamics, and Better Aerodynamics. Really that's all I feel that KSP is missing. Also an overhaul of the science system to make it less of a clickfest, but Aerodynamics takes precedence. And also another planet or two would be nice, but that doesn't really matter at all.
  12. I generally use ion engines in getting Kerbals home. It's just so convenient, they weigh very little and they can get you from the surface of another world (other than moho, tylo, eve, and duna) back to Kerbin in a single stage.
  13. From the perspective of the company mining the asteroid, it would be far more costly to create something which would go help someone than something which wouldn't, and it would also be totally pointless. If you were being mugged and you saw a car parked nearby, would you expect the car to come to your aid? Of course not. So why would you expect the asteroid-miner to help you? Currently we cannot make a thinking machine at all. I am saying that we would be able to make an automoton to do that before we could make a non-automoton. Anything we build will be an automoton. A thinking machine would just be an automoton so complex it transcends being an automoton. But it would still be built out of more basic programs, more automoton-like parts.
  14. But one could say that Mars and Mercury are 1 order of magnitude away from Venus and Earth, and also 1 order of magnitude away from Pluto and Eris. Why are we drawing the line at Mars and Mercury?
  15. But this thread is talking about whether or not forcing a sentient program to work is slavery. My point is that anything a sentient program can do an automoton could do cheaper, and thus there would be no enslavement of sentient programs because there would be no sentient programs working. In the cases of robofriend and robo-artist, you can't force a sentient thing to be a friend, and you can't force a sentient thing to be an artist of the kind which would require sentience, so there's still no issue.
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