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  1. I sent my Robotug to Dres and forgot to put extra solar panels on it, having only specced it out for Kerbin and Duna distances. Now it eats way more electric than the solar panels can produce. Is there a way to throttle how much mining and converting is done, so that I don't have to stop/start manually? I'm happy turning it down to 1% or 10% if it means I can go do other things and come back in a year. (there's no option in advanced tweakables, so I'm guessing this is going to need savegame modification or a mod)
  2. I missed this on my first reading, thank you that explains the reasoning really well, so it wasn't just an arbitrary choice. I feel like this is the most important thing I learnt all week ... well, that, and remember to put the solar panels onto a Moho probe...
  3. of course, that's so obvious! That explains a lot.
  4. When I land on the Mun in KSP, I always approach from the right side so that I will be inserted into a counterclockwise orbit (the Mun also rotating counterclockwise). If I was to visualise this, with the return journey as well, it would probably look a bit like a pushbike's chain on the two gears. But when I see visuals of Apollo 11, it always looks like the lander approached in a clockwise manner (it looks like a 9 on top and a 6 on the bottom). Is that just for marketing or is there some science behind it? Does the Moon actually have a clockwise rotation (I thought it must be counterclockwise to hold one face toward us), or is there some other good reason to do it this way? I'd have thought that approaching a rotating body from the wrong orbit would just mean having to pay a lot of extra deltav (and again on takeoff), but perhaps there is an advantage I've not considered. I've also seen versions like this that have both on it: now I definitely would hope that the return journey is the one that brings back the couterclockwise insertion into the Earth's atmosphere!
  5. I couldn't find this, but I did find a `ParallaxGlobal.cfg` file, which allowed me to turn off scatters, and that works a treat!
  6. that doesn't seem to be possible with CKAN, but I can always delete it manually. The github README also notes that this is a required dependency, but I'm happy to test that theory... although I'll need to remember to delete the folder every time it updates. Would be nice if this was an optional install! BTW I fixed the related EVE issue: it's possible to select Eve (the planet) when using the tracking station, and from there the cloud config can be deleted.
  7. I absolutely love the new stunning visuals from Parallax 2.0, but I also don't like mods that change the lore of the game. So it's beautiful and cute that we have plants and floating bubbles on Eve, but I'm not into that. I do, however, love the Parallax terrain rendering. I couldn't find any pointy clicky way to disable the surface objects, is this possible? Likewise, when I use EVE Redux, I turn off the city lights... but I'd like to turn off the clouds on Eve (the planet) because it is hard enough *with* sunlight. https://github.com/Gameslinx/Tessellation https://github.com/LGhassen/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements
  8. Here's the mission log :-) https://imgur.com/a/VdOPUay I needed to send the rescue because I (stupidly!) resized the motors before the flight but I think I must have done my testing on empty tanks. @KerikBalm would using https://spacedock.info/mod/838/Flexible Docking between the propellors (which would be mounted at the top) and the payload help things out and break out of the fallacy?
  9. Here's the mission log :-) https://imgur.com/a/VdOPUay I needed to send the rescue because I (stupidly!) resized the motors before the flight but I think I must have done my testing on empty tanks.
  10. oh, nice spot! I will try adding a bit of space and try some new designs. The irony is that I was trying to make it as small as possible to reduce the impact of the Eve gravity! ok, I'm starting to see the genius of your idea now!
  11. that right there is the problem, though
  12. found this video doing pretty much the same thing as me and the conclusion seems to be "save it and keep retrying until your wheels don't explode"
  13. My usual trick is to attach a rover to a decoupler (or stack separator, or docking port) and set the release force to zero. I even put a little ledge below the rover so it doesn't fall too far, and use struts so that it doesn't suffer the impact of the release (let's be honest, it's never actually "zero" although I thought that was only going to be noticeable on low gravity planets). That works for me on Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, Duna, Gilly, Ike... But on Eve, my rover gets blasted around like crazy, and always ends up with broken wheels, even the ones with a high impact tolerance. Generally I find that decouple / releasing anything on Eve summons the Kraken. How do folk workaround this and get a rover onto Eve without all the exploding wheels? If there was an air bag, I'd use it!
  14. Maybe it was already too late for me and I'd saved and reloaded, but time warp even when landed gives me explosions. I have to get to over 1km with an EVA before I can make my Kerbals do the time warp run.
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