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  1. As far as pressurized craft go (aka airliners) you would probably not get on one if you realized just how thin that tin can really was. Even more so when you realize the jet engines are pumping air into that tin can to keep you breathing, and not freezing to death. Yeah, your breathing air / warmth in a pressurized aircraft comes from engine exhaust.
  2. I can get it into orbit with the last liquid fuel stage. I haven't going manual SAS with the triple liquid fuel stage to get that portion into orbit. It would probably turn out bad, heh.
  3. Just wanted to throw out my rainmeter layout. I haven't totally ditched the start button and task bar just yet, but I'm still working on it. It uses a theme (almost seems like more of a total conversion) called Omnimo http://omnimo.info/
  4. Here's mine. (forgot where i got it at) (1920x1080) 1920x1080 version: http://i.imgur.com/xWVQY.jpg
  5. I have one very similar to that. I think you could get away with anther fuel tank on the last stage. Makes it a little tricker to steer, but you get a lot more velocity out of it. Of course, I was just trying to break gravity at the fastest rate. I was also able to get another set of boosters that mirrored the first set, only coupled by the three in the middle. http://i.imgur.com/D232X.jpg The liquid fuel engines seem to be able to burn at full throttle at the higher level of altitude those boosters provide.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/PBhu3.jpg you have to achieve a decent trajectory from the dark side of Kerba to even try, btw.
  7. It took me mucking around a bit for awhile, but I finally achieved escape velocity. It's not a perfect ship, but it works. It's not very hard to fly, but be warned, the last stage requires you to be on your toes a bit. I don't stick firing boosters on top of other stages, trying to try a little realistic with all this. Here it is: http://i.imgur.com/D232X.jpg
  8. Went smaller instead of bigger, this one is simple, but I hit 830,000 m with it.. as it was the first version, i'm working on squeezing some more out of it. Fly's like a dream. All stock parts, btw. http://imgur.com/flDbq ok here is mk II.. launched me into the K's intead of the M's.. still working on escape velocity.. http://imgur.com/TxkwK
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