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  1. Is there a large track I can download? Having issues when making massive tanks! :/
  2. Thankyou! You get it too! Perhaps we should tag BahamutoD to this? Since he's a coding genius? You know, the guy that made these: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/82341-24-2-B-Dynamics-Retracting-vectoring-engines-etc-v1-1-1-%28Aug-11%29 (Look at the critter crawler, I just want giant legs that, when used together, work perfectly <3
  3. Hrmm, You all don't seem to get what i mean, I don't want to make alot of parts move, I want a Moving part made! Get it?
  4. Meh, this game needs real mech legs and then I'll be 100% satisfied. I mean, cmon, it's got a fully fledged weapons system already!
  5. I'm not a wizardy plugin maker, otherwise I'd do it myself, But this NEEDS to be made, I KNOW that kerbal space program is mad enough to need this! Otherwise, how else are we gonna make Gundam suits? - - - Updated - - - And how else am I supposed to give this guy the mobility he deserves?
  6. I don't want to build my own weird legs using 300 odd parts that gets it to move at 1mph. I want it to run darn it! Hehe
  7. I mean a proper part? Plugin etc. much like the Critter Crawler
  8. Hey all, Any chance of some mech legs? Such as those to make a bipedal mech and a quadrupedal mech?
  9. Still ridiculous. It's a serious issue guys.......
  10. And kerbal space program, a game long in development, huge flight simulation, doesn't even try? Good job Squad......
  11. Are you serious? That's ridiculous!
  12. I did, It reaches 100% throttle when I push the throttle to the 50% mark, The Rudder is always pulling in one direction for some reason, same as roll and yaw. It's giving me some really weird stuff in the axis. Anyone got a control scheme I can use??