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  1. Is there a large track I can download? Having issues when making massive tanks! :/
  2. Mech legs

    Thankyou! You get it too! Perhaps we should tag BahamutoD to this? Since he's a coding genius? You know, the guy that made these: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/82341-24-2-B-Dynamics-Retracting-vectoring-engines-etc-v1-1-1-%28Aug-11%29 (Look at the critter crawler, I just want giant legs that, when used together, work perfectly <3
  3. Mech legs

    Hrmm, You all don't seem to get what i mean, I don't want to make alot of parts move, I want a Moving part made! Get it?
  4. Mech legs

    Meh, this game needs real mech legs and then I'll be 100% satisfied. I mean, cmon, it's got a fully fledged weapons system already!
  5. Proteus Rises

    Coming Soon
  6. Mech legs

    I'm not a wizardy plugin maker, otherwise I'd do it myself, But this NEEDS to be made, I KNOW that kerbal space program is mad enough to need this! Otherwise, how else are we gonna make Gundam suits? - - - Updated - - - And how else am I supposed to give this guy the mobility he deserves?
  7. Mech legs

    I don't want to build my own weird legs using 300 odd parts that gets it to move at 1mph. I want it to run darn it! Hehe
  8. Mech legs

    I mean a proper part? Plugin etc. much like the Critter Crawler
  9. Mech legs

    Hey all, Any chance of some mech legs? Such as those to make a bipedal mech and a quadrupedal mech?
  10. Joystick Problem

    Still ridiculous. It's a serious issue guys.......
  11. Joystick Problem

    And kerbal space program, a game long in development, huge flight simulation, doesn't even try? Good job Squad......
  12. Joystick Problem

    Are you serious? That's ridiculous!
  13. Joystick Problem

    Can someone PLEASE answer this?
  14. Joystick Problem

    I did, It reaches 100% throttle when I push the throttle to the 50% mark, The Rudder is always pulling in one direction for some reason, same as roll and yaw. It's giving me some really weird stuff in the axis. Anyone got a control scheme I can use??