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  1. i do have memgraph installed, as you can see from my mods list (second from the end) and i allocated 8 GB more to the game, but even so, the longer the game goes on, the more it stutters, even with more memory allocated. p.s. what does GC stand for?
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1e82_qjMz1kPjiawnxdz0kkS70GIEtMIl
  3. sorry XD i copied from dxdiag where do i find the log file? the game doesn't crash, so i don't have the error.log yes, i run it on a laptop, i tried to expand the allocated memory with memgraph and the situation improved drastically. now it isn't perfectly fluid but it doesn't stop every few seconds anymore. as i wrote, i tried to reinstall it from scratch, begin the game, move the camera around and see if it stuttered, then if not, install some mods and repeat. it went perfectly even when i finally reinstalled all the mods, but when i loaded my saved game it started s
  4. hi, i've tried every solution i've found on forums and posts everywhere i looked, but all of them seem to not work. i tried even to uninstall ksp (latest version, 1.3.1 64 bits) and reinstalling it, i tried to uninstall most of the mods, but the issue stays, it freezes for less time but still freezes, sometimes even every 2 seconds or so, in every part of the game (KSC, VAB, space, thrusting, not thrusting, reentry etc.). memory usage doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem, because with alt+F12 i can see that there are 1700 MB occupied while i have 16 GB RAM. i tried to modify the graphic
  5. i would like to use interstellar, near future technology pack and impossible innovations together in career mode, but there is a problem with the tech tree. is there a way to use all the three together (in career mode of course)? can i somehow mix the tech trees or is there a way to edit the tech tree of one of them to include the others?
  6. hi everybody, i've recently discovered some interesting mods that i would like to use simultaneously in career mode, and they are impossible innovations, interstellar and the various near future technologies. all of them have got a tree.cfg file and the last two have got a folder called treeloader with a treeloader.dll file in it. now if i overwrite this file i suppose that one of these mods won't work properly, while if i don't overwrite them one of them surely won't work. so, my question is: how can i use multiple mods with treeloader.dll and tree.cfg files toghether?? and when i've done how
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