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  1. Oh yeah, just not under graphics. Still, it only works on the navball, staging and altimeter, but all other aspects (the contracts UI in the corner, every dialog box, all writing in and around the space centre) still aren't scaled. Edited the title to reflect that.
  2. This probably isn't a very widespread problem at the moment, but I imagine by the time the game is released fully it might be a little more significant. We could do with a UI scale slider in the graphics options to increase the size of everything non-world. At present, the UI is readable at 2560x1440, but at 4k it's quite a strain to see anything useful except the rocket itself. edit: there is UI scaling, but it's severely limited
  3. Not really the kind of part I'm on about, I was thinking purely as an external part that would allow probes to perform observation experiments. If you could look through it though, I'd expect a little more by way of actually having to point it at what you want to observe, rather than just flying roughly over it as we do now.
  4. Yeah, you'd have to rename it just 'observation' or something.
  5. With the new contracts, specifically the 'observe' missions, I feel we could do with a camera module for our ships. Just something to allow a probe to fulfil the 'crew observation' role so you can send a lightweight ship to Eeloo or somewhere and not have to worry about returning it.
  6. If they don't call the first one that I'll be horribly disappointed, more so than if immortality wasn't discovered at all.
  7. I don't think the attitude of older people will revert to the juvenile, purely because they would then have a changed perspective on quite how much life they could live if they're careful.
  8. There was something a while back about using laser additive (this kind: ) with an opposing stream of gas so the workpiece stayed still in free space. Also, I live right next to Renishaw who did that bottle opener, they did a bike that was pretty awesome too.
  9. I understand what you think the problem is, but it's not there. The additive part would only be used to get the rough shape correct without needing a massive mold that would either need to be separately manufactured or lifted up in one piece, defeating the point. It would still be in the liquid phase for quite some time, allowing a homogeneous crystal to form.
  10. You say that like your word is some kind of divine truth. Besides, I already know what your post says, and I agree that yes, that is how they are currently made. That's not up for dispute. I'm just saying they could be done with additive layer and milling, if you happened to be trying to build a mirror in space. It wouldn't be the best method on Earth by a long way, but different environments enable different techniques. Also, K2's point about the optical fibres would actually be way better.
  11. That's actually a damn good point. That generally happens when people getting caught up trying to make something work, it gets completely forgotten that it may not even be needed at all!
  12. Helpful post is helpful. I actually do know how telescope mirrors are made (made a couple myself), and you could do it like that, provided you could keep the glass hot enough to set all at once (which being in a vacuum, it would) and had enough precision in the mill head. But y'know, thanks for your insight and all.
  13. 3D printer with a mill head. Tolerance problem solved and bam, you've got telescopes.
  14. If you're adding Mk.3 parts, I'd say a fourth would be a Mk.3 fuselage-sized docking port.
  15. I think terraforming's beyond the scope of the game, but I would like to see large (rover-sized) permanent experiments like small greenhouses. Actually requiring a Kerbal to get out and collect samples from permanent experiments would even it out real nice, and having something that changes visually over time would look really good.
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