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  1. Yeah, i'll get back to you once i'm home.
  2. Yeah, i'm aware of this bug. Its some sort of side effect from my savegame fixer. It can be avoided by going to the tracking station before launching your first vessel after loading a save game.
  3. Are you done with work?

  4. Black body radiation merely describes the wavelengths of emr a heated object emits. And in that sense our sun would be considered yellow-green, as its intensity peaks at the wavelengths associated with yellow and green. Color however, in the more metaphysical sense of the word, is in the eye of the beholder (no pun untended), and is merely the interpretation of electrical signals created by our eyes. Our eyes are incapable of properly measuring light, and we therefore experience the sun to be white/yellow......well long story short....colours are weird...
  5. Yeah, orbit colours can be changed by passing a colour to the orbit renderer.
  6. I saw your mail, i'm currently at work, posting from my phone. I'll take a look at it once i'm home.
  7. I've been thinking; green stars do exist, but are not experienced as green stars due to how our eyes process colours. A star which has most of its emitted light being in the green part of the spectrum will still be viewed as white because our eyes also pick up the blue and red parts it emits. HOWEVER, KSP is a game experienced through the eyes of the Kerbal race, it is not unreasonable to assume their eyes work different than our own, and could possibly distinguish the color intensities far better, thus being able to actually perceive green stars as green
  8. Well, I think I can avoid using the list that PF:CE corrupts on the 64bit client, thus preventing my script from stopping halfway. This should in theory allow both my mod and PF:CE to fully load. Whether or not there would be any other issues I can't say for now.
  9. I'm indeed still using the stock sun texture for the shader. This texture is basically a noise pattern in different colors. If you know how to extract the original from the assets you could make a few variations for me if you want.
  10. Although I can't prevent PF:CE from corrupting the list, I think I can access the information through different means. I'll make sure to include this (if possible) in the next update.
  11. Although the methode of changing the star's color is indeed quite simple, actually getting a desirable and good looking star takes quite some fiddling. As there are 6 color parameters that need to be precisely balanced as each color influences the other ones. But I'll add some more colours on the next release. I've been quite swamped at work this week, so I've barely had time to work on the mod. I should have a new version, implementing the new creation methode, star colors and orbit colors somewhere next week.
  12. I do notice some weird behaviour from time to time, and ikerbals reported his ship exploding a few days back. Not sure what exactly is causing it yet. My new star generation methods is solving quite some other bugs I was experiencing so it might also help these issues.
  13. Hi guys, I see you are making some great progress might you guys be up for a chat some time? Seeing as you are working way faster than I am alone, I might have to reconsider the direction I'm taking my mod StarSystems to.
  14. Can't wait tot see what you guys make out of this. We're actually working on star/planet generation using the same method. Have you guys found a proper way to make the scaledversion gameobject yourself yet? Or are you still instantiating it?
  15. The solarmasses mentioned are indeed Kerbol masses, since for the game that is the sun.
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