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  1. [quote name='StevenJ']SkyRex, on prior versions of your SKY config you had used KSC Switcher to have multiple KSC bases on Kerbin. Would you re added KSC Switcher back into the mod? 5 x Kerbin is kind of big and it is nice to have multiple launch locations.[/QUOTE] I have removed it deliberatly as soon as Kopernicus was able to relocate the KSC. One of the goals with this to be as lightweight and undependent as possible, and thats the reason why I won't add KSCSwitcher back in, sorry... But it should work fine AFAIK, so go ahead and install KSCSwitcher if you'd wish more launch sites ;) @Templar Night: Yes there is: Go into the rescale config--> go to Kerbin---> and remove the new location for the KSC. Be aware that the stock location might bew slightly off/floating caused by the upscaling of the planet. Cheers
  2. [video=youtube;L9H3F7Pfxts][/video]
  3. [video=youtube;L9H3F7Pfxts][/video]
  4. [video=youtube;L9H3F7Pfxts][/video]
  5. I made a quick update to change Gillys SOI and to make it work properly with the new Kopernikus Version (included). Cheers
  6. Hey everybody, I had the Idea to push the concept of a stratolauncher to the limit, and I am at a point where I have a promising Prototype. I already built a succesfull launcher for 2.5m rockets, but I thought I can go even bigger... Everything built with FAR and a 5x version of Kerbin (SKY-Pack). This is also my personal record for the biggest flyable plane I have ever built in ksp with FAR. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Tell me ur opinions Cheers
  7. I built a succesfull Stratolauncher for 5xKerbin Size
  8. Yeah it was the first prototype for an intro, I've tuned it down in my today's Project Cars Video Thanks for the feedback
  9. I've made a video explaining Space elevators mainly using KSP and thought i could share it here too. Enjoy
  10. The pictures are up and in the OP, now you can get an imperssion before downloading Cheers
  11. updated to 2.0 changes are listed in the OP, give it a try and post feedback. Pictures will follow shortly. Cheers
  12. As it is behind Kerbin the best way normally worked in leaving Kerbin to behind and out (away from sun) since you need to keep your rough orbital height, and then adjust the encounter in solar orbit. BUT: I'm preparing SKY 2.0 in the meantime and Minmus will get back to Kerbin for various reasons: The mentioned way is with KSPs tools very unpredictable and not reliable in terms of DeltaV (Although I really liked the trojan moon idea, gameplay wise it just turns into an unvisited Dres). Second is that you can easily misclick the Target your aiming for when coming back to Kerbin as Minmus is so close. Minmus will become a captured Asteroid around Kerbin in SKY2.0 . eccentric polar Orbit in an 1:1 ressounance with the Mun stabilizing it. So the way to minmus will hopefully still be harder than to the moon, but more predictable than the trojan moon approach. Cheers
  13. Hey folks just a little update: Exams are over for now but my holidays are coming up so still not a lot time the coming weeks (And Project Cars needs to be played too...) So i'm sorry for not being around much lately but I'm very glad to see many people enjoying SKY Cheers
  14. The biggest? I think that would be my Jool-5 , several days of planning and engineering, and 10+ hours for execution. View in my Signature (includes an Jool-Atmospheric-flight-return-trip)
  15. So, finally updated to the latest Kopernicus Version, Tylo and Moho are working now. Sorry guys for not being here lately. I've some real life things going on right now (university etc.) which require(d) my attention. But I'm glad so many of you like the rescale factor of SKY With the new hazadrous oceans of Kopernicus I imagine another moon for Syterion, something like Io, with lakes of molten lava. somewhere with high tidal forces, so probably closer to Syterion than Eeloo. @Squiggsy: Yes Atmosphere still ends at 70km, because of low Orbit and other reasons(mentioned it in this thread before) @SanderB: Yeah I know, still have to look into that if it can be fixed somehow. Otherwise just pretend the Belt is now somewhere else. (It wouldn't be at Dres anyways, since Dres is an Iapetus-Analouge now.) I'll hopefully have some more time for KSP again in a few weeks. Cheers