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  1. Yes SIR! That did it!
  2. Is it normal for engines to cut off when acceleration exceeds 3.6g ? Because that is my problem I am experiencing. I understand that fuel would get pressed but I dont think that should be for all engines?
  3. I think it could be a useful thing. Dont see how a rocket sim could be justified as realistic but a rover or lander? Why not. The Payload Experiment hangar could be a big hangar where you could test the lander. The Gravity OBVIOUSLY could NOT be changed! but a series of cables and ropes could simulate it ;D simple to animate, easy to do. The size of the Hangar could be progresive in the science tree? What do You think?
  4. Even if my idea is GREAT ;P!!! There are some problems. If You would like to send a probe to orbit the mun and The Impactor to hit the mun The 2.5km physics ball could be a problem and also a new nice Impactor Explosions would be kinda obvious. Should biomes be taken into acount? How would You transmit the science? There is somethink to think about. I never used the Interstellar mod because i dont see Mega reactors and super fusion stuff a thing (maybe after the Interstellar film) Soo i dont know how the impactor works in this mod
  5. OK so I am quite a bright guy ;P just the Couradge bar is empty heh I suggest a completly new part! AN IMPACTOR! new kind of science! There are so many missions IRL that are just to impact into something in space(Deep Impact, Ladee, now the Cassini) YET no one ever though of it be in the game. It should be easy to add and will make a completly new kind of crafts and a new mission to the asteroids besides the CLAW missions. A new thing that would be a nice addition. If squad will read this ... PLease think about it. I leave the details to the Forum and You. I wonder if You will agree with me.
  6. here is my list. - more graphic options. (I think that .cfg tweaking is OK but still) - Improved UI (clean it up, it could probbably take a lot less space doing a lot more. Add an altimeter [could be activated by a part], improve the map view with more info] - be consequent with the already added parts. For instance: if added a new 3.75m set of parts then add all the set. there are a few missing 3.75 parts. *(bonus wish)- I would love to see faiings (i know itl be after the improved aerodynamics but we need them! AND when aerodynamics and farings would be implemented then maybe we could have deployable structural parts [sTOCK]???)