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  1. Hi, I try this tool to plan mission around Mun. I want to position some satellites. But when I try to select bodies, I cannot select Departure > Kerbin and Arrival > Mun. If I pick "Sun" as Central Body, then I can select "Kerbin" for Departure, but then there is no Mun. If I pick "Kerbin" as Central Body, then I can select "Mun" for Arrival, but I cannot select "Kerbin" for departure. Can someone please explain how to use it?
  2. That looks beautiful. What engines and tanks are that? I don't recognize it...
  3. Just a quick general question - are the KOS scripts able to run in the background, or does it only work with currently active vessels?
  4. Tried to run the latest version from the OP download link, but it said it can't find version 9 of matlab, even though I have a version installed, which was working for the previous version of TOT. Does the new version of TOT need a new version of matlab?
  5. I finally managed to do it, but it was imperative that there was a burn-free coast to AP before circularizing. I could find no way to do it with a continuous burn, and I realized why. The problem being that by continuously burning, the craft is always at the PE, but you are trying to raise your PE. So the question is, how do you raise your PE when you are at the PE? I tried doing radial burns, thinking that would shift altitude from the AP to the PE, since I had plenty of altitude to spare there, but that didn't work out. Hm, now after thinking more about it, I think maybe the problem was also that I was doing a gravity turn the same way I would have with thrustable engines, so I was burning still too low in the atmosphere, so by the time the fuel ran out my PE was still under the atmosphere. I guess if I launch more vertically and pitch horizontally only once I have attained an altitude that I want to be my PE, then continuous burn to orbit could still work out...
  6. Hm, I tried that out, and that's almost what I'm looking for, but not quite. For example temperature, seismic scan, pressure scan, they all transmit for only 50%, whereas what I'm looking for is where those simple type of experiments can transmit for 100%, but stuff like goo and parts experiment need to be returned to get 100%. I think the SETI pack had this. I guess it's not a separate mod that was included? Something that was specific to SETI itself?
  7. I just realized, that is not fully working. It's not working with the temperature scan experiments, for example. Anyone can suggest another way?
  8. Hey, going by your example with MM patches I think I found what I need. Here it is for anyone else that might be looking for it: @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*] { %baseValue = #$scienceCap$ }
  9. So that means going to orbit while burning hot all the time right to the end, is it possible to achieve something like that?
  10. Hm, that one is to transmit stuff like surface samples, but the addon I remember it actually separated out stuff that's just a measurement, like for example temperature, crew report, pressure scan, etc, and made that 100% transmittable, but stuff like surface samples, goo experiments, etc, those you had to recover for 100% value. You could transmit them, but only for a max of about 50%. But in both situations, you would get 100% for one of the methods, you wouldn't get only a max of up to 80% or something on your first try, so you didn't had to do the experiment more than once if you fully completed it the first time.
  11. I don't really use so many mods to really need it, but I do sometimes build stuff so huge that the game just crashes. Now with 1.1, is 64bit stable and useable now? Before it was recommended not to use it because of stability and bug issues.
  12. I can't seem to find it anymore, but I'm sure I've seen it in the past. There was an addon that would make you get 100% science rewards from experiments, rather than like 80% and then 30% etc, making you do the same thing 3-4 times for full reward. Is that addon still around? One that work with 1.1?
  13. Those donut orange fuel tanks that look like life preservers... I don't remember ever having such a hard time attaching one to another, but in my current game it's nearly impossible. I can easily attack anything else under it, but it's almost impossible to attach another one of those donut tanks to itself. It stays red all the time, and only very briefly flashes green as you move the mouse away. Am I doing something wrong with these things?