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  1. Jeb is the kraken, DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
  2. Lol KSP Sometimes is just a explode alot of things, and wonder in awe how you managed to do it... as all the parts go flying 4th of July EVERYYYYYYYYY DAY!!!!
  3. Hey thanks for lookin! Rep if you really liked it
  4. I'm not sure if this belongs in the space lounge or here... Space lounge: Anything BUT KSP, This has some to do with it, General Discussion for KSP: Anything that dont fit forums below Mine dont fit any but this one, please move to appropriate if wrong thank you! But those rabbids on nickelodeon, They act alot like kerbals in a way, Innocent yet Curious, Curious, Yet Kind of Cautious, Loves exploding things, Well kerbals are really like that. So let's discuss and hope that this isn't made a meme, But in a way the rabbids are like the kerbals cousin lol
  5. I'm on 64 bit and ksp just loves thinking i'm 32 bit, Just from people saying 64 bit isn't really fun, well it's fun, but glitchy as heck emphasis on "Heck", Trying to be polite here. But my 32 bit here, does have it's problems... You know having the core system be 64 bit? But i do get alot more fun out of it so... I'm staying with 32 bit, Well until i absolutely just YOLO it and hope for the best on 64... Yes i went there on yolo...
  6. Yeah i hate that, being the total newb that i am sometimes i add more wheels and weight so it dont flip, but that don't work... So i'll definately try docking mode, sense i don't know what IJKL Is lol.
  7. I mean if it isn't a rocket or an airplane, good luck breaking or turning with it. I'm serious, i love this game, But why the heck is it armageddon for cars lol?
  8. Hello! Show off your fighter jets Then talk about, em... If you want.
  9. I have no idea how to make it cartoony, i tried to make a comic but i failed miserably I understand it's not good, But i can't make it cartoony lol.
  10. Please rate And give feedback! And Rep, if you reaaaallllyyyyy liked it
  11. I haven't met the kraken yet, but i have had encounters where i swore it was the kraken. But many of you have, so what's your favorite and most funny attack ever?
  12. Project Icarus: Rods From The Gods! Briefing: We have just had clearance by POTUS From the Kerbal House, To start experiments with orbital kinetic bombardment. Using a satellite that's unmanned for the firing system, And a station for construction and maintenance. We've also had clearance from the UN that the outer-space treaty has been cancelled for now, But we have to keep this classified. Our best engineers and scientists or on this project. Project Icarus, Is a go! Year 2019: Project Icarus Has Just Been Cleared Kerim: First of all, we should begin construction on the maintenance station and get crew inside it, this will not be cheap. Nurim: That's fine, we have all of kerbalington and the POTUS's full support. Kerim: Alright, first we'll need a type of medal that can deflect any type of heat such as gunshots if any other territories found out. Nurim: Alright, let's get this going. Kerim: As well, for the unmanned satellites we'll need to have a ground control tower. Nurim: The tracking station will do good enough? We'll just upgrade it. Kerim: Alright. Month 2: Coming Soon, I need to get around to making screenshots and getting my storyline in place!
  13. No, i'm sorry lol. I'm updating the guide with more things, I wasn't thinking about everything i knew so please give this guide another chance once updated.
  14. Well my graphics card was created 11 or less years ago lol intel integrated hd graphics... So i have to do as much as i can to have any fun lol.
  15. So, i think it's time to look back on their changes and see what we like, and don't like! So i want to hear your opinions on what they've done with the game? I pretty really like it, it's very very awesome. But about you?
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