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  1. Thanks for trying everyone. I have a basic understanding of physics, and it got a bit better by playing KSP the last few years, but this is beyond me. let's say I want to land on one of the poles, so the bodies rotation doesn't come into play all too much. I based myself on the law of conservation of energy. Velocity and altitude combined give you the starting energy level, when you land it should be close enough to zero. (low speed, zero altitude) You use the engine the make it go down. (I know this is also energy at the start, but you're using it in the opposite direction) Am I right this f
  2. Can someone please explain why a suicide burn, or anything else, is more efficient than killing all velocity at Ap and guiding it straight down from there ?
  3. I've tried about 10 times now, cancelling the contract & re-accepting. The 2 days orbit doesn't get completed. I tried transmitting something from space, made sure there were no other missions running, no other flights going on, made sure I landed the whole ship that got to orbit. nothing helps... After I landed the ship & recovered, it stills asks to return the orbiter home. (Am I supposed to land @ KSC to get the contract ?)
  4. I had the problem with the EVA mission as well. Recovered the craft, but didn't get the mission. Anyhow, I'll try transmitting, it's not a major issue at all. Great work by the way, thanks! --UPDATE-- Transmitting did work, so that's just a minor issue. I do have a problem with the 2 days orbit mission now. Completed it twice, but I can't get the contract completed. Last time I double checked, all that was left to do was to return the ship, but upon recovery, nothing happened.
  5. I think I agree with all of these propositions. The game should be pushing us into exploration & gathering science from exploration. But it seems to be more about the general game than about the difference between the difficulty levels. I strongly belief that a craft able to land on the moon in easy mode, should be just as able to land on the moon in hard mode. And should always be able to land on the moon. In other words, I don't like the idea of adding random failures, nor do I want to see them changing the isp / thurst values depending on the difficulty level. Maybe an obligation to
  6. Let's use maths as an example (100% predictable [at least the little I know is], as I want KSP to be): Easy : 2 + 3 + 8 + 12 -6 * 2 = Hard : ln(e/4)^(2/3) = Laborious : 2 + 8 *4 - 6 = 4 + 6 / 3 - 5 = 8 - 2 * 5 - 1 = 12 + 3 - 1 = ... There have been a few suggestions here that would make the game more difficult without the need to randomize, or simulate human interaction. I don't think the game needs random events to up the difficulty. New player (easy) don't seem to be struggling that much to make it to the moon eventually, but forcing them to do it with only 30 pieces might cause some
  7. This worked for me on hard. Once you have ion engine unlocked & seismic scan unlocked : Send an ion powered probe to Minimus with a thermometer & seismic accelerometer. Accept a bunch (as many as possible, check often if you don't like declining offers) of temp scan, seismic scan, science data & satellite missions. You can easily get 20 contracts (about √200.000 each) out of a probe that shouldn't cost you more than √40.000. Miminus Outpost contracts also pay good money for an easy job, and if you're lucky you can combine with other contracts. (orbital station, science,
  8. This is loose from the difficulty settings, it's just logic. The point of playing on Hard is the game being more challenging. (Not making harder challenges for yourself within the game) If all you need is an internal challenge, you don't need more that a sandbox. I enjoy (& expect) imposed challenges in a game...
  9. IMO a higher difficulty level is one that leaves less margin for error. Not allowing to revert fits in well, no missing crew respawns too, but I'm not convinced about the diminishing returns of missions & inflated building prices. My ideas so far: I did very much enjoy being challenged to stay under 18tons at first, and under 30 pieces later. (You can do a lot with just 30 pieces if you have to) Instead of the building costing more, maybe they could make them more or less restrictive depending on the difficulty level. Lower the building costs & make research more expensive, forci
  10. What are your thoughts & ideas about the difficulty settings ? [For starters, KSP is great stuff, despite anything below.] I just passed the early stages of my hard career game. (stock, standard hard settings) Did one Mun landing and a grand tour of Minimus. After that I wanted the final upgrade of R&D, so I did a ton of missions, and got there in the end. Anything interplanetary is still to come. I have two complaints about career mode in it's current setup : When I finally had the 6.000.000 to upgrade, I also had about 8.000 science sitting in the bank. Plenty to complete the tech t
  11. Tried to build a spaceplane for a double rescue mission on Minimus. (More like a collection mission, since they were left behind on purpose) One from orbit, one from the surface. 4 Crashes and √100.000 later, I decided that spaceplanes aren't for today. Took a seismic survey on Minimus to pay for an adjusted MinimusLander launch, and got everyone back home. After that, I designed an Ike outpost on wheels, housing 9 & including a cupola, that should also fulfil the requirements for a station around Duna. Should bag me a nice amount of cash. (√1.000.000 - √1.500.000) Now I jus
  12. Finally got the money for the last upgrade of the R&D facility. I'm sure there is no place left on Minimus where the temperature or seismic activity is still to be checked. And if there is, there will be a surface outpost close enough for someone to walk over there and check...
  13. I can only answer for the version on my machine (32bit, Windows 8.1, all stock) : And that runs very, very smooth.
  14. If they have an orange suit, I will probably start a new career when they die. All the others have a white suit and a name I can't remember anyhow... I need people to test my craft. Had a few sad moments when I first started building surveyplanes for Kerbin, as I never ever used the hangar before. But that's easily forgotten when hopping round on the moon...
  15. I was counting the lab as 3 for an unknown reason... Thanks.
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