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  1. Its really weird though... Say with KW and MechJeb, It was crashing really badly, but then reloading the game a few times, it finally clicked.... I dunno what to tell you other than I have had a ton of issues with this mod playing with others. Wish I could help more with problem solving but these types of issues are really hard to narrow down.
  2. Im having a ton of issues with conflicts of other mods. Im running windows 8.1. I can get planet factory to work, but at the cost of not being able to use a lot of other mods. Using CKAN mod manager or even installing mods manually, this mod breaks the game on certain mods. As of now, when I install Mech Jeb, KW rocketry to name a few, the game breaks. I installed this mod first, then loaded up one or two mods, started the game, and once everything loads, its CTD. Im not complaining, just letting you know that this mod is not playing nice with a lot of other mods on my computer. Ive spent abo
  3. No, I wont be able to. I have completely wiped my mod folder and started fresh, and with different mods. I wont be able to exactly duplicate what was happening. But I will def keep this in mind if I start having issues later on!
  4. Im glad it worked for you. I tried that work around as well, no luck lol. Happy flying
  5. I personally think that is way to grindy for the beginning of the game. Maybe a way to earn a somewhat steady income and a small dose of steady positive rep. would be a neat idea for contracts (return x amount back for x amount of Funds) but to have to refine your own fuel for basic rockets, I personally wouldnt play it. I was thinking creating mining rigs for late game exploration on rare fuels.
  6. If we go the imaginative route, I honestly think we can release something relative soon if we can have the support from the interstellar mod and the support from karbonite. Will we use karbonite as the endgame resource, or do we need to generate something new? Again, for me, just fine tuning what is already in place is more ideal for simplicity and ease of use for the community. Looking forward to seeing what is brought to the table.
  7. I'm on mobile, so responding to every point would be difficult... It may just be me, but it seems like you are wanting to make this a lot more difficult than it had to be. Why try to create something from scratch when we can build on what's there? Also, I agree, people will want 50 different things, and to be clear, what route do you intend to go with these resources, more realistic, or more, ehh I guess imaginative. If you want more realistic, then yes that would be way more involved. If the other route, we can build and refine on 2 popular mods already in use. I also see resources as a late
  8. Sorry, I do not know what caused it. I had to clear everything out and start over with the bare min main mods, that was the best way. With so many mods, there could have been one that over wrote another, and some mods have more than 1 main folder, so it was impossible for me to take out each and every one... sorry, but hey, my game is working good now lol
  9. Well, at first it seemed random. Usually when I landed at Minmus and tried to come back. I would also have an issue when I went EVA and my kerbals would freeze. Then the issue started all the time. I started taking out mods, start a new game, jump in a ship and splash down by the control center. Every single time I tried to recover, this issue would happen. I would go back to the main screen, but no rep, no science, no funds added. Then you go into the commsat station and try to recover there, nothing happens and that same page pops up after a finished mission, but again, no rep, science, etc.
  10. Yep, same issue that I am having, glad im not the only one with this issue. Cannot figure out a fix.
  11. It isnt so much that making one from scratch wouldnt be an achievement, its about simplicity to the rest of the users. The user base doesnt need 10 different resource mods and 10 different Interplanetary mods, so working with what we have would make things much easier for the community to adopt. Thats my .02 anyways lol. As far as working on a concept, I can put together a document and have it ready by this weekend. We can then go over it together (skype or whatever) and then reach out and try to get some support, either from the mod authors of the other 2 mods or other individuals, which ever
  12. Not really sure how I could help but would love to try. Starting from scratch would be a huge undertaking and kind of unnecessary since a great foundation is already set with Interplanetary and Karbonite. Is their a way to merge 2 mods and work with the developers from Interplanetary and Karbonite?
  13. [quote name= @southernrock: the whole concept of a "completion" is also pointless IMHO. It is and stay a sandbox game' date=' you don't have to follow the whole line to complete a campaign then... be boring and move on ? I think it's better to keep the sandbox style, let people do whatever they want with what they have (unlocked at some point), perhaps aside this, a full set of scenarii can be made, using scenario feature (but it would need a lot of them, between 50 and 100 I guess to cover everything). @to everyone: I just launch the idea, I don't own it, don't want to be kind of team leader
  14. Like another member mentioned, the only real way to make resources 'fun' for a majority of other players is to have special fuels/resources on other planets that have to be gathered to have access to certain technologies on the tech tree, but also make the resources a non requirement to 'finish' a line of the tech tree. Have the tree, well, branch out into other space ventures, warp drives etc. You want to have warp drives, cool, you unlocked the parts, but now you need to go to the mun and mine for x resource so you can power it. You should still be able to travel to other places with stock,
  15. I hit about 5.7gig max. I do have issues with my game though. Recovery of vessels messes up a bit and when landing, sometimes my kerbals dont respond. http://imgur.com/b6YhPeb
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