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  1. Does anyone have these DDS textures, since the link is no longer functioning?
  2. Looks like that fixed it, thanks!.... the bundled KerboKatzUtilities is apparently outdated and bugged, you should update the archive!
  3. Great and handy mod! Little bug report: In the space center scene the icon shows up in the stock toolbar no problem. But every other scene it doesn't disappear but instead becomes a solid white box in the stock toolbar (Non functioning of course). When going back to space center it is normal again. The white box and part of the stock toolbar remains even when going back to main menu
  4. Is the new version (TCA v2.2.1)compatible with 1.0 as well.. or ONLY 1.0.2?
  5. @blu3wolf Unfortunately, due to how KSP currently works, there isn't much that can be done about this problem... For example, if I land a capsule or just place a capsule on the launch pad by itself, and go on EVA, the moment the Kerbal is on the ladder and above ground, the game considers him 'flying' and this is considered a dangerous EVA... Until KSP can properly recognize that a kerbal on a ladder, that is attached to a ship that is landed, is not actually flying, I don't think FF can, could, or should change awarding the dangerous EVA ribbon for these logically 'unwarranted' situations. It is important to note that even science gets messed up because of irregularities like this.... For example... if you go into the water just offshore of the KSC, the biome is still considered "shores" so you can take an EVA report and surface sample from this water and it counts it 'From Kerbins shores".... But if you go to land you can take DIFFERENT samples and EVA reports that are counted "From Kerbins shores" and are listed seperately in the Science archives. But yes, you kerbal is getting awarded dangerous EVA because as soon as he left the hatch he was 'flying' even for a brief moment. And it is up to Squad to change that behavior/logic
  6. Just an update on my test to track down the missions counter bug: Still using KSP 1.0 and Final Frontier 0.7.4-870. - I started a new career game and sent Jeb on a mission.... Ribbons awarded, and Mission counter for Jeb went up by 1. - I sent Valentina on a mission... Ribbons awarded, and Mission counter for her went up by 1. - I confirmed it listed both as having a mission. - I went to every scene, into tracking station and map and came back to space center and it still listed them as each having a mission. So I quit to main menu and closed game. - I booted the game up again and loaded my game. - Checked FF and Only Jeb has a mission count of 1 (And his ribbons of course)... Valentina is 0 (but also has her ribbons). I will send you my save file, inside it still lists Valentina as having a flight record.... so I 'unno Which log would you like to see? I do have FF set to Detail logging, but the log I checked doesn't show anything about the mission counter. ***Edit: In KSP.log I see: [LOG 19:30:24.964] FF: adding known kerbals [LOG 19:30:24.965] FF: resolving logbook Then immediately: [LOG 19:30:24.965] FF: entry for kerbal Jebediah Kerman doesn't exists [WRN 19:30:24.966] FF: no entry for kerbal Jebediah Kerman found This repeats 42 times And then: [LOG 19:30:25.007] FF: entry for kerbal Valentina Kerman doesn't exists [WRN 19:30:25.008] FF: no entry for kerbal Valentina Kerman found Repeats 67 times. Later in the log under this block: [LOG 19:30:25.075] FF: new hall of fame created [LOG 19:30:25.075] FF: Hall of Fame Statistics: [LOG 19:30:25.076] FF: hall of fame in persistence file found [LOG 19:30:35.924] FF: reset inspectors [LOG 19:30:35.925] FF: mach number reset [LOG 19:30:35.925] FF: reset of gee inspector state [LOG 19:30:35.926] FF: EventObserver:: OnGameStateCreated 2452.91999999806, game status: ONGOING, scene MAINMENU [LOG 19:30:35.926] FF: reverting vessel observer to 2452.91999999806 [LOG 19:30:35.927] FF: loading hall of fame [LOG 19:30:35.927] FF: data node 'FinalFrontierHallOfFameRoot' found, 109 childs [LOG 19:30:35.928] FF: hall of fame loaded in 0ms [LOG 19:30:35.928] FF: hall of fame loaded (0 logbook entries) [LOG 19:30:35.929] FF: data for logbook loaded [LOG 19:30:35.929] FF: creating hall of fame from logbook [LOG 19:30:35.930] FF: clearing Final Frontier hall of fame [LOG 19:30:35.930] FF: adding known kerbals [LOG 19:30:35.931] FF: resolving logbook Another spam of the above appear for both Kerbals. ***Update 2*** So I booted up the same save again I checked the logs in game right away again and noticed the lines where it says: [Log]: FF: mission recover recorded for kerbal Jebediah Kerman: 1 missions flown [Log]: FF: kerbal Jebediah Kerman no longer on mission Right after it implicitly awards all his ribbons so far. So I scrolled down through it and looked after Valentina Kerman's implicitly awarded ribbons, but there is no entries for it! For some reason it is only counting Jeb's mission and recovery, not Vals... even though in the save it is recorded. It's not like she is still counted as 'on mission' by FF... it's as though FF doesn't even recognize that she ever went on a mission at all... she just 'magically' got ribbons.
  7. I am in the process of sending you the file you needed Nereid. In the meantime, I had taken Jeb for another mission and his count went up to 2.... But then after I was preparing for another mission and gathering contracts, it looks as though Jeb also lost one of his mission counts, and is now back down to 1. I THINK it happened after I went to the tracking station to see locations of proposed contracts and came back to space center... That may be something to look at. It's just so strange that it correctly awards the mission counts just fine.... What could be removing it? Does it have something to do with how it revokes the awarded stuff on reverts? Does the map view/tracking station somehow invoke that? Anyways, here is a list of the mods I am using currently (All latest versions): -On KSP 1.0 using OpenGL - Active Texture Management Basic - Aviation Lights - Environmental Visual Enhancements - Chatterer - DMagic Orbital Science - Dynamic Controls/Deflection - Editor Extensions - FASA (Just the launch clamps) - Firespitter (DLL) - RasterPropMonitor (With KSI/Wari edit) - Kerbal Engineer Redux - HyperEdit - KerbinSide - Kerbal Inventory System - KSC++ - Lights Out! - ModuleManager 2.6.2 - Infernal Robotics (With expansions) - MechJeb - Kerbal Konstructs - Final Frontier - PlanetShine - Procedural Fairings - QuickSearch - RCS Build Aid - RCS Sounds - Taurus HCV - ScienceAlert! - Science Funding - Ship Manifest - Stage Recovery - Stock Bug Fix Modules (Just newly added, bug was occurring even before use) - Surface Lights - Targetron - Texture Replacer - Tweakable Everything - Universal Storage - USI Exploration Pack - USI Karbonite (and K+) - USI MKS/OKS - Waypoint Manager - Wider Contracts APP
  8. Um.... have you tried? Because you can... you always have been able to. Proof (This is in version 0.90): You can even switch through all the pieces of debris if there was an.... accident
  9. I seem to keep encountering an issue that I have been having since 0.90. Currently I am using FF 0.7.4-870 on KSP 1.0 It's hard to nail down when or why this happens (as it doesn't ALWAYS or consistently): - I take a Kerbal (Jeb) on a mission... everything goes allright.. He gets ribbons and his mission count goes up by 1. Good. - I take a new Kerbal (Bob) on a new mission... everything goes allright... He gets ribbons and his mission count goes up by 1. Good. - I take yet another new Kerbal (Bill or Valentina) on a new mission... everything goes allright... They get ribbons and their mission count goes up by 1. Good. - I take a look at the FF stats in the space center scene and Bob's (second mission I did) mission count is now 0 instead of 1 as it was previously, but his ribbons are still there. wha???? As I said earlier, I have had this exact same bug in previous versions of the game and FF... Anyone else have this bug? Anyone know what is going on? ***Update*** I just loaded up my game again and the last Kerbal I used (Valentina) lost the mission count as well.... now Only Jeb is marked as "1 Missions". But she still has her earned ribbons...
  10. I'm not quite sure what you mean by this.... Because you CAN switch to other vessels while flying in KSP, with the [ and ] keys (default)
  11. @AlphaAsh No, it didn't help anything. That boolean just seems to make the NGS window default to on once you open BaseBoss. Nonfunctioning NGS still occurs.
  12. Thought I should make this bug known: Tweakscale interferes with a part's "mirrorRefAxis" parameter (if it has one) in it's part config. If you ever have a wing or some other part that is flipped upside down on one side when you mirror it, and it has Tweakscale... that's the reason... Removing the Tweakscale module from the part fixes it. Would be nice if this was fixed!
  13. I seem to be having a bug with the NGS feature. When I first tried it, I clicked the nearest base NGS button and it seemed to work fine.... but then when I clicked on the NGS button again.... it seemed to break it. the turn markers no longer work, the central indicator stays red regardless of direction and no distance or position information is updated or displayed. Even on restarting the game... I can select a base manually and enable NGS or click the NGS button for nearest base, and now it never works. The NGS display comes up, but nothing works or is updated on it. The central indicator and turn direction arrows do not function and the distance and position numbers are all 0. It seems that whatever I did by clicking the button that second time... forever broke the system?
  14. That doesn't explain why it is using that much RAM... We are talking about 1-2 Gb's.... This kind of amount must be due to textures...... since they both load the same texture files (And the filesize of the textures doesn't even total that much) it sure looks like someone made a boo boo and it's loading them twice.
  15. I'm hoping this is the right area to post this. But I have a question that I have never seen any explanation posted for anywhere on the internet: Why does (at least in KSP) DirectX use obscenely more memory (usually more than 2x) than OpenGL mode? When you have the correct hardware, there is no visual differences between the two whatsoever. There should be negligible or NO difference in memory usage whatsoever. (Especially on the texture memory side of things) The only rational explanation I can think of immediately, is that due to an error by Microsoft, Unity, or Squad, (Or any combination of the 3) DirectX mode is loading the textures into memory twice. Does anyone have an actual, detailed explanation?