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  1. Filling the command seat from VAB would go nice with new deploy parachute from the seat option :(
  2. Hmm infinite fuel doesn't affect air intake to air breathing engines any more
  3. Is the IntakeAir number supposed to be maxed/near even though the intake flow is dropping to near 0 and the engines are flamed out?
  4. Hmm if you transfer the pilot of the Velociteze to the MK1 crew cabin you can't go IVA and when you press the button for it it locks up the camera and stuff, you need to go to the map and exit it to reset, and when you transfer the pilot back to the MK1 cockpit the facecam doesn't reappear, with pressing the IVA button doing the same as above. Fresh reinstall for the update. Update is good apart from that(it was literally the first thing I done in the updated game ) ^.^
  5. I agree, especially annoying when modifying joystick controls and you have to click and wait click and wait etc to do a small change and stuff, it would be nice to have a real quit to main menu/title screen option.
  6. It would be nice if the quick load would remember the camera mode/position, makes reloading a landing frustrating since it defaults to a side view :/ Would also be nice if you could have a button to reset the camera centred behind a space plane(or centre cockpit without reverting to default zoom too), especially for locked view mode. Small but annoying for me. If for some reason that isn't implementable maybe a pause button so you can at least adjust the camera etc before you waste time having to adjust the camera everytime I wonder how useful it would be to be able to pin the info panes that
  7. I would like for the micronode part to work properly, can't connect parts that I want together :/
  8. Oh that's so cool! Hmm seem to be maxing out at 5.65 with the 3 sabre plane I made before DRE. Not sure if KSP is a game for realism
  9. atm I'm at mach 5.2 with DRE and FAR and no problems O.o I only installed DRE now though, do the planes actually melt or explode?
  10. If it's useless then why do space/defense agencies continue research? Do you think that going faster whilst air breathing is a bad thing? Calling people a child doesn't make your point any more valid. I guess if I want "magical engines" I'll just look at real life @K3|Chris , I know the tech is there, but that doesn't mean a product is feasible yet.
  11. Right, but is there a real life example of it the HX part? SCRAMs are somewhat tested and proven too(also real life examples), just needs more research.
  12. Right, but is this in development like SCRAMs or not irl?
  13. Well to be honest I think the HX parts are a tad more far cry than a scram jet But whatever, I didn't know this was space sim and not KSP
  14. Any plans for anything faster than the sabre engines(scram since sabre(ram) is close to m6)? Got to 3.17 and 5.7 with the 2d vectoring engine and the sabre smalls > FAR mod is cool, nothing like Kerbals with no hope
  15. Can't wait for the upped number of plane parts in vanilla I hope there is a short tail in the plans, most other mod packs have a tail structure that's half the length of the plane :/
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