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  1. I love this mod so much it's literally my dream mod. I do wanna ask will you be doing the following? Binary or trinary star systems? Yes, No, Maybe Black holes? Yes, No, Maybe
  2. Last time I had contact with vision was about a year ago i truely do miss this mod.
  3. Heres a picture of Tars just signed up in imgur http://imgur.com/YHtLTFv It works sorta i can't get it to rotate Benjee would you mind if I manage to get it to work would you mind if I upload craft file here Idk how to make a thread.
  4. I should try that just need tweaked scale and Infernal.
  5. Is it possible to make Tars with robotics parts and some kind of small skinny parks? Btw nice mod hope someone manages to make Gargantua then someone will definitely make the kerbalized version of the movie.
  6. Just curious is there a way to sae your textures after applying them onto the kerbals?
  7. Sorry to bother you but it seems when I use this mod it breaks my save file I can't open anything or do anything at ksc. I don't know if its the mod I will look for evidence. Nevermind it's not ur mod
  8. Sweet! But noooooooo I just got ready to go to bed oh well tomorrow.
  9. .23 thou I watched you tuber play it at like .13 but I had a crappy computer so ya.
  10. Nice lookin. Sorry to bother you but I got a problem the enterprises hull is white in .25
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