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  1. With the official KSP group I think there isn't even another steam group for KSP, But I'm not sure about it.
  2. Hello there! Since there weren't any new posts lately, I decided I should post something in order to prevent the thread from dying. I hope this isn't considered necro-posting. We got a new group picture today and I thought it was worth sharing, if someone is interested in joining simply send me a friend request on Steam (my name there is Volcanix). See ya
  3. Oh, it's been some time until I posted last time. Just to inform you: I will continue with this when 1.0 comes out with the new aerodynamics etc., that makes more sense to me. See you then.
  4. Nice crafts! Looking forward to see more. *throws rep* "You must spread some reputation before giving it to WhiteKnuckle again." damn it.
  5. I'll do some recording later and upload it if I find time for it. I also like the idea of 'The Best of Spacecraft Exchange', in my opinion this should be a monthly series showing the best, or if there are enough spacecraft, weekly. We should put up a group for that however... Still wondering, where
  6. Yeah, I totally agree with your post. I'm more the guy that likes simple-built, stock spacecraft, and there are possibly other youtubers which like replicas more, so everyone could do what he likes and we could cross-promote each other via linking in the video descriptions. That would be my idea for the thing. So, I'd do spaceplanes and other low-part-stuff, we should maybe put up a discussion somewhere so we know stuff like who, what, when, and how. (Who uploads the video?, What does he review?, When does he upload?, How does he.. edit his video?) So, who also wants to do this? Volcanix
  7. Oh, that's a good comparison, thanks for that I'll start with it later, and if I manage to finish it today, I will give you a link. Still need to find some nice music, however
  8. Hmm.. I have a YouTube channel, I have recording and editing software and also plenty of time. My PC isn't the best however, so it can't handle buildings with too many Parts. I can try it out, most things will work just fine Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX0qqjEV4nUN3scqcY8gNtQ Do I need to ask for permission to do this? Also, who else wants to do this? We could do some kind of cross-promotion or however you call that in english (not a native english speaker lol) if he wants to. I guess everyone who does a video about a craft needs to ask the owner, does he? Volcanix
  9. Oh sorry, didn't see that one. I can't find you however, is it possible that you posted your account name? You shouldn't post that one online, other people can't find you over that. Oh and by the way, you all miss a lot when you don't join the group, just saying. For example, today we discussed what an exclamation mark is and what not.
  10. Nice one! I really like how you did the briefing area. By the way, you can integrate Imgur albums just into your thread if you want to, let me give you an example: Album Link: http://imgur.com/a/UlNI7 You copy the highlighted part out and put it into this: (replace the paranthesis with these: [ ] ) (imgur)<Album ID>(/imgur) So you insert your Album ID: (imgur)UlNI7(/imgur) Which gives you this: I hope I helped
  11. This is a nice idea in my opinion.. I just got a few questions: 1. How will we start off? Maybe I haven't read properly, but I haven't seen anything concerning how we are going to begin. 2. Do I necessarily need to have a company? I just have a little 'C7 Aerospace - Spaceplanes' thread (haven't found another Name yet), so I don't really have a serious company. I can construct a basic SSTO which can bring up a small probe, probably ion-powered, up to LKO, which is then able to get in orbit around Mun or Minmus and maaybe even land there. Tell me what you think. Volcanix
  12. Thanks! I'm still thinking about how I should realize the story-mission report thing. I'm not a native English Speaker, which makes this kinda hard. Has someone got an idea? Oh, by the way, my way to the R&D upgrade is progressing quickly, and I'm halfway through, maaaaybe I may be able to show of some sneak peeks of my SSTO then! Some pictures from today's missions: I especially like the last one.
  13. (this name will stay until I, or somebody else, finds something better, and I make a flag for it. Put some name suggestions down there!) Hello there and welcome to my Spaceplane Design Thread! You may say "meh, just another guy who designs some spaceplanes", and you will be right! However, there is some minor difference: This will be a mixture between posting new planes and the progression of my newly started spaceplane-only career save, so I will be posting the planes I regularly use for different contracts and you can have a look at their further development here. The mission reports of my career save, when they are kinda exciting. These also are not going to be mission reports like 'I did my gravity turn at 10km and went for a orbit of 80x80km', it will be a mixture between fan-fiction and the 'important' stuff. You'll see! Before starting, some important things: I don't use FAR. I fly with stock parts. Suggestions, Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome! The Lonit I Small, early-career atmospheric plane used for exploration. Full image: http://i.imgur.com/NuZvv1r.png Specifications Mass: 5.1t Cost: 16.780 Funds Parts: 30 Cargo: None Science: 1 x Antenna, 1 x Thermometer Features: Abort System Description Just after starting my spaceplane career, setting up my 10%-funds-to-science-strategy and getting some parts, I came up with this early-career jet design, whose purpose is to fulfill those. It is really fun to fly with, and with something goes wrong, the abort system will get your Kerbal out of there alive! It can glide really well and is capable of landing speeds of down to 30m/s. I don't know how I should design my Lonit II yet, but if you have some suggestions, e.g. amphibious, with a rover, with a cargo bay etc., tell me and I will try to do that in my Lonit II! The next plane coming up will be, however, a small-cargo SSTO, but that will still take some time, until I got the R&D upgrade ready! Download Link: http://kerbalx.com/Volcanix/Lonit%201 New stuff will probably come tomorrow, have fun guys, and tell me if someone would be interested in having that story-ish like thing as a kind of mission report together with this, of course in another thread. See you!
  14. 100 tons to Duna sounds really nice! And it also looks pretty nice! Good to see you've kept on working on it, heh I would recommend you to do a thread where you put together all your ships
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