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  1. I live!! I no longer have the originals, but feel free to modify or distribute the downloads you do have. I have always felt that if someone likes anything I have done enough to want to go through the work of updating it they are more than welcome to do so. Just throw my name in the credits some where and I am happy.
  2. Updated models and scaling, updated cfgs, added wheelie bars All that is left is balancing - power curves, resources and modelling a fuel tank. The tank apparently is usually located in the nose of dragsters, so I am considering making cowling and cockpit pieces that would fit together. @Azimech were you planning on balancing that stuff? All the pre-existing links should have the new parts. This will break craft as well.
  3. Parts are updated to include front and rear wheels - Azimech's originals are still required. Wheelie bar and cfg tweaks are all that are left - at least that I can think of I think the wobbles may be caused by how the wheels utilize the torque resource. The wheels top speed is set to 500 some m/s, but they run out of torque before they get near that speed. Then, like how jet engines flame out at different times when intakeAir is low, one wheel gets slightly more torque than the other.
  4. Good to know. I may go and move the collider a bit, but i thin kthe wheel itself is wide enough where the collider placement seems to work.
  5. Success!! Wheel Colliders have to line up with actual wheel meshes now it seems
  6. In the SPH In use. Anyone have any ideas? Steering, suspension and movement are all working fine.
  7. Here is the hierarchy I got importing one of Squad's wheels into Blender. Hope someone can find this useful
  8. I finally took the time to go through some wheel tutorials only to discover that most of what is out there is not up to date. Does anyone know the location of some up-to-date tutorials?
  9. BETA Drag Parts This is obviously a WIP, still no wheels and apparently I need an older version of unity for animations. You will need Azimech's original parts as well for any of these to work.
  10. I think I need to scale these up about 50% or so, and I still need to build exhaust pipes and wheels of some sort. The parts are still using @Azimech's power curves (in fact the majority of the cfgs) but I made the supercharger modular - in the above picture there are 4 engine block pieces, 4 supercharger pieces, 8 cylinders and the intake - The superchargers are just the cfg for the small supercharger with some attach nodes thrown in. The changes in the supercharger seem to have really thrown the torque output out of whack - I hit almost 400m/s in the example car above before spontaneous disassembly. The Intake needs to be reworked in general I think
  11. I really need to get better at textures in general - the block in particular needs more detail
  12. I had not. I was just looking at whipping up some basic parts compatible with the ideas in this thread. The piston engines are very cool though.