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  1. well.. airodynamics might have failed in this thread but it sure managed to send my sides into orbit take a look at this gosnel,this is how i learned how to plane
  2. don"t worry, i think this happens to everyone at some point. including me in my fist carreer. eventually when you unlock some more of the tech tree it will be easier to get bob back home but it should be possible with what you got right now pic from my first carreer game when i sucked at non-atmospheric landings
  3. i assembled a stick in orbit of minmus and then landed it for no scientific purpose at all. this required a lot of patience and some quicksaves
  4. got a bit tired of space so i made a small plane to mess around in the atmosphere. it can fly up to 1300m/s below 2km altitude before the air intake explodes
  5. ordered 4 pizzas and launched my first manned duna mission. the entire mission consists of 3 launches. a station with science lab for low duna orbit, a disposable transfer stage to bring the station there and to bring back the lander and crew when the mission ends, and a lander with mining equipment. on board are jeb, bob, bill to repack the parachutes, and a second scientist vil-something the lander can carry a bit more fuel than it needs to link up with the station in orbit, every time it visits a biome and returns to the science lab it also transfers a bit of fuel into the transfer stage so eventually everybody can go home again lander launch vehicle. the lander itself has enough dv for the duna transfer lander on it's way to duna the station being pushed into duna orbit by the transfer stage first manned landing, the guys are taking some samples while the lander refuels delivering the science
  6. there are several ways to do this, usually i suspend the payload underneath a lander and connect the two with a docking port so the lander itself can be re-used to bring fuel to orbit or kerbals back to kerbin.. downside is that you need to send up a rather large lander as well in this picture the payload (a big mining rig) and the lander are launched on the same vessel. between the pink and blue is the payload, the top part and fuel stacks with LVN's is the lander and the decoupler is somewhere around the blue area
  7. just some small stuff that had to be done.. first a few contracts for cash, saved a few kerbals from orbit and brought 2 scientists back home after 7 years on minmus. i also flipped my duna rover upside down just before reaching it's 3rd biome
  8. made a lightweight space-glider that returns from orbit using only a little RCS propellant. getting it into orbit requires a few attachments
  9. i remember visiting some of kerbins biomes with a glider.. was a lot of fun and pretty accurate. just launch suborbital roughly towards the the biome you want to visit, detach the glider and correct your path once you re-enter the atmosphere. or build a bigger plane with a larger range
  10. sent an ion powered probe to jool. it was supposed to gather science from orbit of jool and it's moons but i only hit up one moon and jool itself before the probe exploded for some reason. i also flew valentina, siunia and bob back to kerbin after a 5 year stay on the surface of the moon. thousands of science points they processed in their little laberatory and now they get their day off on kerbin before being sent to somewhere else
  11. a mining drill... maybe theres ore in the vab, who knows
  12. thanks, just tried a transfer to duna like starhawk described and it worked
  13. this may be a stupid question but can someone please explain how to ejection angle works when using the transfer window planner? i've been experimenting with it but everytime i end up using thousands more Dv than what the planner calculated. i think i'm leaving LKO at the wrong point in orbit.. for example, if i'm suposed to eject from LKO at 26.6°, 26° from what? where is the 0° point? thanks
  14. Queen - Don't stop me now "I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva I'm gonna go go go There's no stopping me I'm burnin' through the sky yeah Two hundred degrees That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit I'm trav'ling at the speed of light I wanna make a supersonic man out of you"
  15. tweaked the amount of fuel of my spaceplane so it actually goes to space, then used it for some tourist to LKO contracts. this is my 2nd spaceplane ever so i'm pretty happy that i got it to work. also completed the kerbin 3 challenge contract (fly-by the mun and minmus then land back on kerbin).
  16. one of my ships arrived at duna.. i keep screwing up the transfer tho, it was supposed to take 3600dv but it took over 7000.. i only had just over 4000 so i cheated a bit with infinite fuel to get an orbit around duna. i did some science in orbit and waited for an intercept with ike, released the probe and managed to land it, then i hopped to a few more biomes before running out of fuel. i also made a new almost-spaceplane with some new parts i unlocked, it's supposed to take up to 5 tourists into orbit and back but it runs out of fuel shortly after getting a sub-orbital trajectory so needs a lot of tweaking. (those are 2 airospikes on the bicoupler)
  17. new station went up, old one went down somehow it survived re-entry, but not the landing because there were only 3 parachutes that were only intended for the escape pod
  18. idk if it's possible to change the colors.. maybe someone else can help you with that. anyways it's all clear on my screen, have you tried adjusting your monitor settings? maybe the highlited parts become clearer/easier to find when zooming out? (hold shift + scroll mousewheel in VAB)
  19. was running out of kerbals to sacrifice so i finally got to rescueing bill. also brought back 3 of 6 kerbals i had on the moon, the other 3 will follow when their research is done still another year to the next duna transfer window so i started work on a new station in lko. i've put it all together in the VAB, now i just have to find a way to split it up into pieces and launch them
  20. well.. bye. please accept this parting gift. just so you don't get bored you know.. until you get back
  21. ^ thanks for that.. i've been avoiding the claw because of it's glitchyness, maybe i can put it to use now however bill will have to do with an extra eva tank , i'd like him to survive re-entry
  22. ah.. i have KIS installed, completely forgot about the EVA tanks. problem solved i guess, thanks edit: can kerbals survive re-entry with the claw?