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  1. Hey, Epic, cant wait to try it. I never went to Moho before, so it will be a great challenge for me. And yup The Sun is also a news paper lol Thanks all
  2. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I do prefer to hard test through error so i guess it will be a surprise. Hopefully the Sun does have an effect...if not they should think about placing it in.
  3. Hi all, I was curious as to whether the Sun in KSP has any influence on a vessel that would be potentially orbiting Moho, as in heat or if being close to Kerbins Sun would affect Ablater shielding. Im planning on sending a Science Probe to Moho at some point and im in between thoughts as to whether i should fit some sort of heat shielding. Im hoping the answer to the Sun question is yes. As it would be a massive shame to go to all the trouble of having other bodies have heat entry influence but to completely ignor the Sun. Thanks Note Realised that maybe i placed this post in the wrong forum.
  4. lol Thanks for the reply, i wish i'd checked in here earlier because i did it all by hand in the save file lol UPDATE Questions all answered, Admins can delete post if you like.
  5. Two more questions. Is that the same for flags too, that they do not need updating. If so is there a way to change the flag without starting a new save? and if so how would one do this? Many thanks.
  6. Hi, Thanks so much for the link and the super fast reply
  7. Dear members, I was wondering where i can get some small slim looking lights for the exterior of a vessel. Some thing along the Surface Lights Mod that used to be on Kerbal mods website. Alas all or any light packs are pretty much out of date regarding the KSP version number. Has anyone found or know of a different website where i can find ones that are compliant with the current KSP version number, the stock lights are way too bulky and big. Thank you.
  8. Dear members, Ok i made a fresh install after the B9 mod no longer works (at least 80% don't work). So the only the only mods i am using are the recently updated Mechjeb and Kerbal Alarm Clock also updated to match the current build of KSP. I have two problems that keep cropping up, i have listed them below. 1. Whenever i set a maneuver node for a burn regardless where in time it is, Mechjeb will turn to face the target node but will fail to warp there. If i warp there manually it will then fail to fire the crafts engines and merrily sail the craft on by. It doesn't always happen but mostly it
  9. Hi all, Currently reinstalling B9, see if that works. It was working fine on KSP build 1.0, i'll update if i resolve the issue.
  10. Dear Support team, KSP - Unmodded Scenario - Built CSM&LM (Command Service Module&Lunar Module), launched them together (CSM has the L2 Atlas Low-Profile engine fitted to it). Fired the engine in orbit of Kerbin and there is no sound, no flame graphic coming from the engine its self. The burn its self does work but as I said there's no sound nor flame graphic coming from the engine. This is a Stock build unmodded and I have tested as much as I can. Thanks.
  11. Dear community I can confirm that it was one of the mods that coursed my original issue. Most likely the culprit was the Mercury to Apollo mod, seeing as I only had a few mods running and those ones have checked out fine after extensive game play. I think that that particular mod being of such detail and complexity should have been installed onto a fresh unmodded version of KSP. But unfortunately im not willing to risk my career save again. Please classed this thread closed and ready for deletion. Thankyou.
  12. Ok so far the problem hasn't re occurred. It must have been down to one of the mods I installed. If it happens again I'll upload/post. Thanks all for helping
  13. No problem, as soon as I'm back at home on Saturday, I'll upload them. Cheers
  14. If by custom tech tree you mean the mods add new tech to the original tree then yes. If that's not what you mean then no. UPDATE: I did take a look at the Sticky posts, but unfortunately there wasn't a solution that solved my issue I was having. Also I'm using the original install of KSP, whether or not by default KSP runs in 64bit im not sure. I'll upload the crash files when it happens again on this current install. Thanks again
  15. Dear Support, I have a few mods installed, one is the science mod that provides the Kerbal Zoology bay, Kibbal food, quarks and so on. The other is FASA Mercury - Apollo and finally Mechjeb2. I play only Career Mode, 64 version i believe, latest ksp update. I've been having a very weird issue happening. Every time i brought the Three man command pod back for a splash down or hard landing i was unable to retrieve either the pod nor the kerbals. I had to actually EVA one kerbal in the end to retrieve him then go into the Space Centre and retrieve the pod (I'm aware there's two retrieve buttons),
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