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  1. Is this working for anyone in 1.0.5? my ships are stuck until I can jump again lol!
  2. Hi Krh42, This is an excellent mod but it does not work on the latest version of ksp. Any chance you could update it? Pretty please?!
  3. That TemperatureModifier line worked great, thanks Nertea!
  4. Thanks Nertea I will give it a go tonight. Mecripp, I use near future solar but I don't want the clutter of all those parts packs. I also like learning these things for myself lol. Next thing I want to do is make my own part models but it just seems daunting. lol oh well thanks for that anyway.
  5. Hi, how about Dustbin lid sat dishes and oil drum fuel tanks?
  6. Hi guys, i am making a power generator part, that burns fuel/oxidiser to produce electric charge. i have used the ModuleResourceConverter module. I want it to overheat if run at 100% for too long, i have set the GeneratesHeat property to true but that doesnt seem to affect anything, i also added a maxTemp line, that didnt do anything either. maybe it just wont work how i think it will. anyway, here is the code i have at the mo... hope one of you knows how. MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = Power Generator StartActionName = Start Generator StopActionName = Stop Generator FillAmount = 1 AutoShutdown = false GeneratesHeat = true UseSpecialistBonus = false maxTemp = 200 INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LiquidFuel Ratio = 0.9 FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Oxidizer Ratio = 1.1 FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 3300 DumpExcess = false } } any advice would be appreciated. :-D
  7. Hi everyone, I have at last updated this to work on 1.02, completely reworked it so no longer uses kethane, instead generates ore so has no dependencies and can be converted with stock KSP
  8. Hi guys, sorry I not been on here for ages, I have stopped playing kerbal for now (currently empire total war). to answer your questions, I had a (very)quick look at updating it to work on .25 but couldn't get it to show up. If anyone knows what the problem is if you let me know I will update. It only produces when the vessel is active unfortunately. I don't know how to get round that.
  9. I think that's what the biomass mod already does. It was a bit too complicated for me so I just wanted something simple.
  10. That is a great idea! I will keep my eyes out for a part I can use, unfortunately I have no idea how to make models so I am limited to reusing other peoples designs.
  11. Wow I just checked and I've got 7,000 downloads. Apparently breaking the laws of physics is not the end of the world after all...
  12. The mass is simple with the huge technological advancements that have been made, The module absorbs the energy from the sun does a bit of jiggery pokery, pulls a few strings and turns all that energy into mass. Of course the less informed would call it witchcraft.