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  1. Yes, the remote file has to point to itself, this to verify the validity of the .version file.
  2. Tyrope

    Doom engine.[0.24.2]

    I have 0 knowledge of modding and I even know that should've been GameData/some_other_name/Parts/Engine
  3. I've recently got a G510s and am wondering if it's possible to customize the monitors. I found LcdStudio and kinda fell in love with it, I'd love to tweak displays to my own likings, any chance of integration with that program? Willing to be a test subject.
  4. I approve of this project and any other projects that wish to use this style of .version files. Cybutek: We should talk regarding combining efforts.
  5. Thanks for trying to get the word out on this. Original topic on the project can be found here. I'd like to encourage keeping the conversation in one place.
  6. It uses it's own systems to check for it's own version. I also made a mock mod locally (Just the version file) that checked against a link on my web server.
  7. This little project started a way better one, and as such I have officially discontinued this program. This means no more updates & no more support! The better project mentioned above is the KSP-AVC Plugin by Cybutek. Kerbal Space Program Add-on Version Checker, or KSP-AVC for short is a small program written in Python to compare a local version with with one on the internet. Clarification as required by forum rules: This plug-in contacts web-pages listed in the .version file provided by the add-ons installed, including KSP-AVC.version in the program's own directory. The data of the online equivalent is only stored in RAM memory. This means no information is stored on your hard drive by running this program. (with the exception of the config file, see below). For an example of what data is received exactly, see the example.version file. This program creates a configuration file to remember where you installed Kerbal Space Program. This file can be found in ~/.KSP-AVC and can be opened in any text editor. Example Links: Source Code Licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. Changelog & downloads: [0.3.1]Bugfix release. [0.3]Add support for third digit version number & comparing KSP versions. [0.2]Fixed SyntaxError (Thanks @vosechu ), Added sanity check for invalid JSON files. [0.1]Initial release Known add-ons with compatible .version file: Toolbar Procedural Parts Ferram Aerospace Research Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Real Solar System
  8. Crater: That is an excellent idea. I'll make sure it's based on *.version files instead of version.info in a specific folder. Thanks for your suggestion. This thread can be closed in favour of The release thread.
  9. I think I'm going to go ahead with this project and allow mods to have 1 file with the following information in a gamedata/somethinggoeshere/versioninfo file (Syntax is just an idea right now.) { "NAME": "Testing", "URL": "http://example.com/mod_version.txt", "VERSION": { "MAJOR": 0, "MINOR": 0 } } http://example.com/mod_version.txt would return the same thing, including the URL tag for verification. This so that people with a github repository or something can simply point to the current released source.
  10. So from what I gather, and please correct me if I'm wrong: *) Has been tried before. (success unknown, but since no clear answer, probably not very.) *) Biggest problem is keeping the database of mods & latest version number. I guess my course of action then would be contacting the authors of the slightly more known mods and see if/how they would be willing to co-operate with providing version info.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if a tool exists that reads add-on version numbers from an on-line source somewhere and compares it to the locally installed version number. If not, I'm interested in starting such a program and would like to know if there's developers willing to support this. My current thoughts about details: Cross platform. (Python?) Easy to use: Run the program, see which mods are outdated. Centralized location of the version numbers. (github repo of text files?) (Optional) Links to forum thread/spaceport to update. If such a thing already exists, a link to the thread would be highly appreciated. Perhaps I can help them instead.
  12. Tyrope

    [1.0.2] TAC Self Destruct v1.5.1 [13May]

    Add an empty stage below active stage before swapping vessel?
  13. Tyrope

    [1.0.2] TAC Self Destruct v1.5.1 [13May]

    I've tested this in .22 with the most recent KAS and TACSD versions as of the 30th of November. Please let me know if your versions and mine aren't the same.
  14. Tyrope

    [1.0+] CORE Solutions [19JAN16]

    I'm loving the mod, but it appears your PDF has a mistake in the appendix, payload values seem to be off...