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  1. NathanKell, (re: Pioneer 6-9?) I've not had much success researching that either. Other than finding they were also spin stabilized, possibly the RCS was used for the spin up? "The spacecraft is spin-stabilized at approximately 60 rpm, with the spin axis perpendicular to the ecliptic plane." I'll dig around some more after RL things are complete. I completely agree with JJ on the Surveyor it is wonderfully modeled and will be a joy to land.
  2. Pioneer 0-2 were spin stabilized and the retro rockets were intended for final boost into Lunar orbit, the top one to later insert it into orbit. Historically all 3 were failures and I know on my end I have only succeeded once in I don't want to comment on how many tries. - - - Updated - - - Check to see that you have the Soviet_Probes_RT.cfg installed or in the correct place, that should resolve the Molniya antennae issue. Also I believe you should be able to modify the TEATB levels in the VAB through the RF GUI.
  3. raidernick, yes I am well aware of the Reflection plug advisory you gave in your mod. Which was why I made a point of stating in my comment that I had R/O Reflection Mod as causing the lag spike. Complete removal of that plug in changed the craft to a blank white state that is still causing system lag and crashes to desktop. Also due to the fact I have altered the part for RSS there are many variables that are probably causing my issues that are unrelated to your mod. I'll fiddle more in a stock configuration and see if I can root out the cause, it is a fantastic set of models so is worth the effort to get it functioning and trust me it's not due to a lack of hardware. As always I greatly appreciate your continued efforts with your real world mods and look forward to what you'll produce next. Peace
  4. MysteriousSteve - I have been filling in the blanks creating the missing Realism Overhaul configs for RaiderNick's Soviet Probes and Stations & Soyuz pack. Although I probably will need blessings from raidernick and/or Felger before I can distribute them to anyone. So far it is very WIP as I have not made any attempts to balance them properly, only have them functional at this point for RO. Also both the Vostok and Voskhod have been causing me issues that I have not been able to root out e.g. lag in the VAB when attaching decoupler and the TDU, further construction will crash it to desktop. All I have determined is it is not the Reflection Mod causing the lag spike.
  5. Fair enough Dragon, there appears to little difference between the 8-10 & 11. 2nd and 3rd generation versions of it appearance wise are very similar, obviously technology improvements and launch vehicles make them distinct from one another. Raider you have a bit of a model animation challenge to work around if you decide to undertake the tulip bloom effect on dish deployment.
  6. Yes he does, only complaint I had is the orbital was off, e.g. Sputnik 1 was 65.1° 939 Ap x 215 Pe. Regardless, as I have told you before your models have made their way in my personal historical recreation of the space race so was fun to see them show up in his series, lights and all. Not entirely sure why he did not use your model for the Vanguard, then again he likes to tinker and make his own stuff. TDRS 1-6 or A-G were TRW versions placed into Orbit from a shuttle, image Dragon placed in his post. Your in game screen looks like the Hughs/Boeing 8-10 as he said, launched by an Atlas V which by the way is incorrect it was an Atlas-2A, 5 was not in service when 8-10 were launched, first flight was almost 8 months after 9 was in orbit. In as much as these are concerned the Atlas V was used for the TDRS 11 and L - N. Anyhow, looks wise they are similar other than the dishes and the aforementioned solar panels they are essentially the same design, square main body vs hexagonal would probably need to be changed if you wanted to go to the effort. Since there are so many varieties of that Satellite and modeling them all would be a horrible undertaking I'd personally work on the most common design or simply the one that inspires you. Do you plan on creating the umbrella/flower bloom main dish deployment? IGNOBIL made the really nicely modeled RT Origami folding antennas that may be a good example of how to pull off the animations.
  7. Other than the Solar Panels it is pretty spot on to the image you posted Dragon. Remote Tech is one of my latest favorite realism additions, it'll be really nice to have something besides the crap stacks I've done to get coms up. Very nicely done Raider will look forward to the release. Bob Fitch made some impressive TDRS builds in his Odessy video series, will be nice to have it as a single ship though. Your Sputnik 1 & 2 were used in his Real Solar System series too in case you didn't know.
  8. First off looking forward to the series, have enjoyed all the other projects you have done so far and am interested to see what you do in this one. Are you planning on publishing your craft files?
  9. Wow! Going to have to test these soon. Really nice looking updates on all of your mods, thanks for all your efforts.
  10. Ironically both have been worked on by the same Config Modder, I have not played with CSS since 23.5 but experienced the same issues. The Buran all around was far easier to fly, had a much lower part count and external dependency, I also ran into the same issues with not being able to "control from here" on the dock port or get it to connect to any of the universal ports, always bounced off. However, the model was extraordinary and even with all it's issues looked wonderful docked to the Mir or ISS and was fundamental in the construction of said ISS. I really hope that Dragon and a modeler can put this lovely thing back into the game. Hopefully with far fewer parts and less 3rd party dependencies.
  11. I didn't say anything due to the aforementioned use of FAR and more recently NEAR. Since most Mods are configured for the stock Kerbin soup atmosphere I have usually found myself with more DV than I should. Generally adjust thrust and decouple stages sooner so I can keep somewhat with realism. I modify cfg's a lot for my own personal use so I can play my historical recreation of the space race in Career Mode using RSS. Although not the best I can certainly help in that regard.
  12. Brilliant! No more IR with ugly poles to fold out Dish arrays.
  13. Spooks, verify that the Lazor System .dll file is properly loading, without an update to .25 for that mod it is probably knocking the arm out.
  14. I had notice similar overpowered launchers with the 24.2 64, but had always attributed it to my use of FAR or NEAR. I had to reduce thrust to as much as 70% so I did not flip out and usually was able to retain first stage to apoapsis with the Sputnik 1 Launch Assembly and had more than enough Delta V to complete circulation on the second stage. I agree that you should probably wait until 25 gets sorted further before investing energy into solving this. On another note it would be nice to see the Venus probes for both packs, just the model looks great at this point. Also have you considered doing any of other the early Mars/Venus probes? Vangaurd, Ariel, Kosmos, Lunar Impactors, etc. I am not being greedy at all....