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  1. It's not dark humor, because ITS NOT GUS GRISSOM! Does Gus Kerman look like Gus Grissom? is Gus Kerman in a space suit? Is Gus Kerman in an Apollo capsule ? Is Gus Kerman discussing a capsule when he says anything about fire? The answer to all of them is no. Because it's not Gus Grissom, it's not dark humor, it's just a friggin game. And Gus Kerman is in the admin bldg. not even anything to do with a spacecraft at all in this game. Seriously. This is redonkulous, And people are making more of this than needs be, because it's nothing. But we have to find something to be offended about every single day. Why don't we just git rid of all kerbal names? Get rid of all failures in ksp and reenetry heat? Geez just get rid of kerbals, because if any one of them die it can resemble any kind of accident that happened to someone ever in the history of life on earth.
  2. Nah, I get what you're driving at, its not that difficult to get and it's cool that's your decision.
  3. I don't understand what programming skills have to do with using mods, or why you hate module manager so much? Just install those 3 mods and you're good to go. No programming skills involved, I have below zero programming skills and I can use these mods fine. module manager just allows the mods to make changes to parts and other things in the game that they need to so they can work. You don't have to do anything but drop the mods in the gamedata folder.
  4. Yeah I know, meant midnight Friday. But it's 9 or 10am release here, that's what I meant by a few more hours. Yeah my post wasn't very clear lol.
  5. At this point the steam countdown timer is just taunting me. and I was hoping for a Friday midnight release on steam, but hey what's another few hours I guess. I'm glad that there haven't been many problems with the ps4 rollout. Gives me confidence the PC version will go fairly smooth as well. Dont think I've been this excited to get my hands on a game in awhile. I've seen a few vids of gameplay and reviews, game looks great, definitely be taking up some time for awhile. I need a 200x time warp button to speed this up... hope everyone enjoys it that has it and is getting it. Well min specs are 8gb and an nvidia 480 or rad. 7870, not exactly high end cards I think? So if your 680 is following the normal naming trend I think you should be ok. Not sure how Mac vid cards translate to PC. Game Looks great, but doesn't seem too intensive really. Idk, hope your setup works though. Good luck with it.
  6. Space flight is risky business, I see it as a reminder just what is at stake, and just what was lost and sacrificed by many people to achieve what humans have in space. Also at no time did the parody the Challenger disaster, the Challenger was a space shuttle not a rocket. And unfortunately things fail and explode. These people accepted this risk, they all new what they were doing. They all would want that remembered and never forgotten. Im quite sure Gus Grissom would say the exact same thing to you. "If we die we want people to accept it. We are in a risky business, and we hope that if anything happens to us it will not delay the program. The conquest of space is worth the risk of life." Virgil Grissom. This does not sound like a man who would complain about such a thing to me. I believe He would say, accept it. whether intentional or not, accept and use It as a moment of reflection, as I do, and rememberance of not only Grissom, but all the others that sacrificed the utmost to push humans into a new age. I don't think the person who spoke those words above would have a problem with it. And it's neither my nor your decision on how his name should be used or remembered in anyway. And it is Gus Kerman in the game, not Gus Grissom, or Gus Grissom Kerman. It's a completely fictional character. Either way though. I hope squad doesn't give into this new plague of the world that looks to sanitize history so they can have their safe places to reside. SQUAD PLEASE KEEP THIS IN THE GAME DON'T GIVE IN SINE ITS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH GUS GRISSOM.
  7. So forgetting the changes you want made to the stock game and parts for a moment, as they are different issues and require decisions to be made out of our control, I believe there are two options for those wanting a beefed up mk1 cockpit in the interim. It appears most discussing this are probably PC players, and I could be a bit wrong, if so forgive me. 1. I'm pretty sure you could make a simple module manager cfg, and have it apply any heat tolerance and mass changes you want. The wording of the cfg could be found out easy on the forums, idk much about it, but have seen similar things done with it. Even if you don't use mods, module manager is a small mod and wouldn't affect anything else. If you use mods, chances are you have mm already. 2. I'm not sure the method, but there is a way to "clone" a part and make changes to it as well. Taniwha did this with the EPL mod and cloned the hitchicker capsule and turned it into a workshop for his mod. Same part textures, just added some function to it for his mod. This may be possible too and you could do the above with the cloned part, buff it up and have it better withstand the heat and rename it, same looking part with new name and specs essentially. Then you have both the stock mk1 for early atmosphere then a mk1b or whatever you call it for space travel as was suggested as on possible solution for stock. Im pretty sure both of these scenarios are possible, and should be fairly easy compared to most modding. I admit I'm only relating what I've seen done in other aspects before. So maybe this could help for now, or I could be wrong. I'm also not a big spaceplaner, lol, so I can't speak to the overall issue being discussed. The request made seems reasonable enough though and if this is truly an issue then it would need addressing for stock due to the game being on consoles now. so I'm in no way dismissing your concerns or suggestions in the thread, just wanted to throw out an option for those on PC's that moght help to address the issue in a fairly simple fashion other than having to turn off, or down, heating effects in the meantime.
  8. 4 more days... (Hopefully if nothing changes). or 5ish? 4 and half? Lol. im eagerly awaiting this. And very hyped. But I urge people to not buy into the over hype of this game. If you do you're bound to be disappointed. I like the gameplay footage I've seen, and the descriptions of what can be done. Overall I'm approaching for what I see, not the marketing of it. That may not make sense, but I'm hugely drawn to the whole just pick a star and go there and see what you find aspect. The discovery and chance to be first there etc. that is what's drawing me in. also the survival aspects and resource gathering, while somewhat naggy like, seems like it will add a bit of idk, immersion? To the game. The gameplay footage I've seen seems like something I will enjoy. its bound to be repeating in some way, and yes some of the original names generated are just, well unpronounceable, but the bigger issue will be the stupid names and memes that people will no doubt use. Like kotaku naming a planet and a species found harambe. Internet meme crap is what's going to really ruin things. People will try to be clever and circumvent naming limits and put some really foul inappropriate stuff no doubt. The naming feature will be abused a lot, I hope the have something in place for some of the more severe offenders. I can't wait for this game and will for sure be spending a lot of time in this game for awhile. First game I've preordered and paid full price for in awhile on steam. Maybe after a few days some of us can try to meet up in space somewhere, if we can find eachother. There are supposed to be hostile aliens out there, as well as the sentinels, not sure if players can do much to eachother. But battles are part of it, so it may be good to have some people around. Once I see how it goes maybe some of the other steam users here wanting to add friends and we can see what's out there. Any PC player really, but it may be easier for steam friends to know others are there. Not sure how game communication works, or if ther is any. If I remember right I think all platforms will be independent which is sad. If I'm wrong them I'm open to possibly meeting up with anyone regardless of what platform they play on. I'm not a PC elitist, I just think it's PC in their own universe, which if any game would benefit from cross platform servers it's this game. Hope you all enjoy the game though. Godspeed and safe travels my fellow space bound explorers.
  9. This, so much this.^ And this ^, yet below. Also this ^ lol. So I think for now keep it a mod, and improve planets overall first. Then add in some new planets/moons. I'd like to a see a lot more varied features and places to see on planets like others have mentioned many times. I'd love to have procedurally generated planetary features for everything except kerbin, to add a bit a newness to each play through of the game. Possibly a few different procedurally generated features on some parts of kerbin. Though I think due to the planet, kerbin should probably be unchanged, because the options for making it different each time would be lower than you could do with say minmus, dres, duna etc. they could be varied much more every time. That is an interesting idea. Though I fear it wouldn't work well with the kraken issues that plague ground bases even on stable planets. But if the base itself could be stable enough it would an interesting concept for sure.
  10. @Veeltchnothing you just quoted says screw consoles. It says the opposite, they should be able to decide the fate of their build independently. They should control what they want without PC interference. And PC can go a different route simply because PC can be modded.
  11. Fair enough, and again good points. I'm all for rearranging parts within the current tree, within reason. I'm not for getting rid of the multi branching tree we have and going to five or six straight lines of the tech tree posted to start this discussion. But I don't want to start unmanned, I don't want to start with planes. Planes are much more complicated to build. So again this is best done as a difficulty option that either reorders when certain parts are unlocked in the current tree, or only changes the starting tech tree nodes themselves. I do not want to be forced into a tree that makes me do unmanned and planes before ever building a rocket. Just like some don't want to be forced by the current tree to do a manned rocket first. So I suggest a new mode beyond career, call it "real space program" or "historical/realistic progression" that way both sides can get what they want. Those like me who don't have as much issue with current career and progress keep , and those that have issues get a mode tailored differently. It seems if this was to be done at all, that this would be the best way for both sides to be happy?
  12. I see no more branches, in fact I see the opposite I see less. I see a straight line, a straight linear progression in each of the tech categories there. If I want electronics I have to unlock every node in that to get to end. That is linear progression. In the current tree I would skip many of the rocketry nodes I would be force to take in that tree linked. i don't agree with a change to tech tree layout like that, it's more limiting, yet it's being presented as more choices. its contradicting.
  13. Please quote where I said that, please do. Or just keep putting words in people's mouth cause you can't have a decent discussion. in fact I said consoles should get their own build, tailored to consoles. That is quite the opposite of saying screw consoles. Consoles and PC should be seperated, because PC can be modded for issues like this, and what PC players want is most likely not what console players want. Neither side should be forced into something because of what the other platform can or can't do, or wants. So please quote my post where I said screw consoles, or else please just stop responding to me with your inane and asinine comments. You just degrade your whole point by resorting to putting words in others mouths to try and further your agenda.
  14. I pretty much completely agree with this here. Which is why another alternate career mode seems it would best serve this. And maybe fun wasn't the best way for me to put, maybe intended way is better. Ksp is intended to be about rockets and interplanetary flight by its creator, that is what they wanted and how they sell it. but you're right others fun is different, some really like making planes on kerbin, others like trains and just crazy weird stuff. That's all good. it seems though that you Slashy and @KSK are having more of an issue with how science is generated more so than how the tech tree is laid out. At least that's what I'm getting from many of your posts. Due to how science is generated to allow you to progress through the tree, you are sort of forced into doing certain missions, and then unlocking certain nodes before others or in a certain order? This I feel is a different issue and changing the tech tree layout will not change this aspect of the game. i could certainly see and have a discussion about changing how to generate the needed science currency to progress through the tree in a different manner, I think this could fix some of the issues people have. I could also see a difficulty option as I and others said to allow planes first, or unmanned first if some wanted to go that way. But to me the linked tech tree in the first post is nothing but linear, and more so than the current tree layout. forgetting the science point generation issues for a moment, at least with the current tree you have a much more varied path to some parts. I could skip early batteries and do some other nodes first and then get some better batteries without having to do the first initial nodes. How is the linked to tree mod giving me more choices on my progression and play? I don't need the little batteries, but in that one I would have to unlock all early batteries and solar panels to get the better ones. Yeah it's more realistic to unlock that way, but I don't want realism like that, I want to get the parts I want and ignore the parts I don't at the same time, the current tree allows that much better in my opinion. There are nodes I never unlock because I don't want those parts at all, yet in the linked tree, I would have to unlock every single part I don't want just to get one part I do. At least with the current tree with multiple branches I don't have to unlock every part I don't want to, though I do have to unlock some of them.
  15. I actually agree more with what you suggest, if it was done as another game mode though. I feel many people are happy overall with career mode, at least a close ratio of those that are happy with to it to those that aren't, and as such I feel it shouldn't be completely redone. But I could see and accept a new game mode being added and tweaked more to yours, and others liking. Changing the way things are researched or the way research is generated, sure that would be fine. And I think if a it was done as a new game mode it could be easier for those that want a complete change to career to come to a consensus, because it's not ruining a whole mode for those who like the current one. I also understand this viewpoint, though I don't agree completely. I have changed my progression through the tech tree in other game plays. But again you make fair points here. But really the point of ksp is going to space, and exploring other planets and moons. And I, myself personally, feel that making this take longer is not very good for most players, especially newer ones. The fun is launching those interplanetary craft. As it stands now I feel it takes long enough to get to the point where, for the average player, it's already hard and long enough getting to where you can do that. i know ksp isn't like an mmo, or sub based game. The goal isn't so much to keep players playing as it provides no financial gain to sqaud. But it seems this discussion hinges on the fact that more accomplished, longer playing players want a different challenge after several years. This is why I don't think current career mode should be totally changed to the way some want. But as I said above I think some of these ideas, if people could have a reasonable discussion and come to a consensus, could be beneficial to those long time payers who have done 10's to 100's of career run throughs already. but only as a new game mode beyond the 3 modes we have. But I'm not for gutting and redoing career mode, as I like it. Sorry others can't accept that. I accept contrary opinions here, it's sad some others can't.