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  1. Good news, updated version is available on spacedock and all aircraft are working as intended, so no more player intervention to get the fights started. I also changed up some of the missions making them a bit easier/harder where necessary. Thanks for the radar! I definitely will put it to good use with the space missions
  2. Sure enough every vessel is saying landed, despite them being obviously flying, as soon as I change to an enemy vessel and fire a missile the status changes to flying. So the status being as landed is certainly what is causing the enemies to not engage. I was hoping by setting a missile to fire on launch the status would correctly register as flying, unfortunately that didn't work, also tried putting a landing gear on the decoupler 2km below the craft, that didn't work either. However the Mig 21 mission works fine because the craft are within the spawn distance when you launch a craft, thoug
  3. Hmmm, that might also explain the problems I have been having with the enemy aircraft not engaging, ground units will fire fine, but I need to manually force aircraft to fire before the AI starts working it's magic. I might try some tests with some different spawn methods and see if I can get anything working on my end. Also the planes falling out of the sky issue, was that happening primarily with the SU 27 and SU 25? The SU 27 seems to be too heavy now and the pilot will just push the nose up until it eventually crashes, whereas the SU 25T can't pull the nose up in time and crashes into t
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I remember this being an issue in a previous version of the game, so I added antennas to all the craft. I've been experiencing a different issue altogether where the craft will fly and chase you fine but refuse to fire, I found changing the the enemy craft and manually firing a missile by clicking on the actual missile will suddenly cause all enemy craft to begin engaging. Craft that spawn within 8km of the KSC seem to not be affected. I've added a ground attack mission where 3 tanks and one SAM spawn about 7km away from the KSC on a hill, you can easily complete it
  5. Yup, I have been able to get all planes spawning in the air again without any issues, boats seem to be working really well too so I'll try to add more missions with boats and planes
  6. Hi all! I've recently started playing KSP again and have updated this contract pack to work with 1.5.1. Now that BD armory has the new ground pilot mode I plan on adding a lot more ground strike missions (currently 3 land and 2 naval ground strike missions) Edit: I recommend switching to the enemy ground craft once they come in physics range, as occasionally physics range extender may place them below the surface when spawning them in. eg: you have your phys distance set to 30km, when you are 30km away from a SAM launcher switch over to it then switch back to your vehicle and continue as
  7. @TheKurgan Good news! Just tested an old version with the naval update BDarmory and 1.3.1 and aircraft seem to be working in the sky, try the recently updated version and let me know if you have any more issues
  8. Much to my confusion none of my aircraft exploded during my testing, I was almost certain they would though! However I doubt you are the only one encountering this issue, I'm thinking of only spawning the aircraft on flat terrain now, and adjusting the landing gear positioning to make self-destruction less likely. To answer your previous question the best BD armory version is any version from 1.2x or before, here is also the previous version of KAF where the aircraft spawn in the air: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3JRuAEPr-uqdWRSQVNhZzBTTnc
  9. I've just updated the pack, I haven't played around much with BD armory since it's updates but it looks like I can no longer get aircraft to spawn flying and get them to engage, so now all craft should spawn on the ground, though I may have missed a few! This means the enemies need time to take off, it is recommended to force them to spawn first by moving close to them with vessel mover, or just do a flyby and turn around. Because of this I will probably make some more ground targets as suggest by Daniel, I'm in the process of working on some tanks and targets which should prove worthy for
  10. Thanks all for your comments, I'm back into playing KSP again so I'll update this mod every now and then. I've added two new missions that involve destroying some boats, be warned they are pretty well armed. I'm currently working on making the boats actually move, however they will not engage if I use the autopilot, but if I don't use the autopilot the engines flameout.
  11. Apologies for the delayed response, I have been overseas for the past few weeks. I initially thought your issues could be coming from a conflict with the update or the contract configurator update, but after testing on a stock KSP with both updated and running in x64 mode I came across no issues. Unfortunately I have no idea what could be causing your issues, it could possibly be a mod conflict, though I cannot see how this could conflict with any mods. I'm sure you have installed it correctly, as your ships are in the correct folder, but it would be worthwhile checking that everything i
  12. Thanks for finding that! I'll put that information in the original post for the guys having the same issues as you. In order to add your own craft a few things need to be done. The easiest way is to edit a craft that is spawned by the mission, whilst keeping the same radar, BD Pilot, BD Controller and engines. This way you don't have to edit the craft file. If you want to add a completely new aircraft there are a few things, first of all make sure you have these: Radar BD Controller BD Pilot Targeting Pod (I find aircraft will sometimes not fight if this is missing) Engine/s
  13. Update: I have been able to fix the craft not attacking, it turns out if it spawns above water it will not engage any targets. I have also added 2 new missions, one that involves taking out an enemy base and one where you intercept 2 MIG 21s. Please let me know if you come across any problems with the new update!
  14. No code is used for Contract Configurator as far as I know, it is just general defining parameter sort of stuff, an example of part of the first mission is below: name = KAF1 group = KAF title = Intercept MIG 15s description = Two MIG 15s have been spotted to the east of KSC, intercpet and destroy synopsis = Intercept and destroy enemy MIG 15s completedMessage = Targets Destroyed targetBody = HomeWorld() agent = KAF cancellable = true declinable = true maxCompletions = 0 maxSimultaneous = 1 // Contract rewards rewardScience =
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